Lessons From My Tiny Teacher: Slow Down

May 3, 2014  |  

One thing most moms can agree on: your little one drives you up a wall! Another absolute we might all acknowledge is these little annoying, imaginative, curious creatures really can teach (or at the very least remind) us of a few fundamental truths. You know, like the familiar, but oft-forgotten “treat others the way you want to be treated” or the foundational “sharing is caring.”

We all have those hilarious, infuriating, enlightening (or all of the above) moments with our kiddos that remind us of these lessons we were taught way back in the stone age when we were little tikes. Here, I share with you teachable moments brought to you by Matthew, my feisty, gutsy, spunky tot who’s taught me a thing or two since he came kicking and screaming into my life! Enjoy, but more importantly, take note.

This week my two year old reminded me to slow down.

I was having one of those impossible mornings. It was one of those “my only goal is making it out of the house with matching shoes and half-matching clothes days.”

I had woken up 30 minutes late and was running around my apartment like a mad woman trying to find the mate to this and the lid for that all while a wailing kid has screamed his head off for so long that I’m beginning to think his cry is the soundtrack of my life. You know, that type of morning.

And unfortunately for my son, when mommy is having one of those days it typically shows in what we wear. That’s right, instead of the cutesy Gap sweatshirt and Levi’s jeans for him, it’s the closest top and bottom I can get my hands on. And that’s exactly what happened this particular day.

As we head out of the house and to the car (which happened to be parked around the corner thanks to limited street parking), I give up on making it to work on time—it’s not happening. But I’m rushing, trying to make it as close to start time as possible. And as we’re hastily crossing a major intersection, almost to the car, my son begins to make a noise, one that seemed to suggest discomfort.

I looked down to check on him and what my eyes saw COMPLETELY embarrassed me. His pants were completely down—diaper exposed and legs completely bare. I. Was. Mortified. And more than that, I was confused. Though I was rushing like crazy, I knew I had zipped and buttoned his pants. What I hadn’t noticed, however, was the fact that I grabbed jeans from the “he’ll eventually grow into these pile” and they were one size too big. I was moving too fast. #epicfail

After a moment of overwhelming humiliation, I was able to see the situation for exactly what it was: a moment to snap me back to reality. I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that my life had come to that moment. There I was, crossing the street with a two year old whose pants were around his ankles. God only knows what the dozen or so strangers we passed were thinking.

I was quickly reminded of the fact that it’s better to take your time and do it right than rush and get it all wrong. That morning, I had gotten it wrong, but as I took a moment to center myself, I realized that everything was going to be ok. Life wasn’t going to end because I was running late and it would certainly still go on despite the fact that I had a number of setbacks. All I had to do was take a moment to inhale, exhale, take my time and do my best.

Thanks for the reminder, Matthew! (Sorry the joke had to be on you, kid!)

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