Call Child Services! Mimi Faust And Stevie J’s Daughter Needs You

April 17, 2014  |  

I’m so happy for Mimi Faust and Stevie J’s five-year-old daughter.

Why,  would I be happy for her when she has two parents with sex tapes and a former stripper as a stepmom? I will tell you why.

I know that Mimi – in her infinite wisdom – parlayed a landmark deal with Home Depot to sell a line of shower rods that supports full body weight. Through this deal, she would stand to make millions that just happened to be a result of a purported sex tape with her and boyfriend, the ubiquitously formerly unknown Nikko.(Hint: a shower rod is the real star of the show.)

There is no way that Mimi, who I thought had some sense and a shred of class, would ever do full-fledged porno and sell sell it without it being for some incredible deal. Right? So, she has to have some sort of deal with Home Depot, because that was one super strong (skrong in the hood) shower rod.

Sadly though, Mimi Faust has no deal. She’s a D-lister that has seen her already dim star fall even farther than previous lows that only ratchet TV knows. As a parent, almost all of my moves take my child into consideration. Not even a deal with Home Depot could get me to do a sex tape or porno and certainly not the rumored $125k that Mimi allegedly received from Vivid Entertainment. Clearly, Mimi didn’t ponder the long-term or short-term affects her sex romp will have on her five-year-old cutie pie.The kids and their cruelties will one day eat the child alive.

I googled Mimi and her beautiful daughter Eva comes up all over the first page of the search and I was prompted to write these words. She’s like a little star in her own right.  Defensively, Mimi countered her critics stating “If you don’t pay my bills…(Shhhhh).” What a base, silly reply to valid public condemnation. Ma, you have a child and you just recorded a porno for profit. You’re better off hosting hood parties at $5K a pop like your contemporaries.

Mimi’s not even a porn star. She’s a reality chick. If she was a porn star and was doing her job, this would be a different conversation. Mind you, this is the same woman that called her ex Stevie J’s wife Joseline, a former adult dancer, a “trifling, disgusting slut monkey” and a “prostitute.” Now, who is the prostitute?  She straight up sold her body for a relatively small sum of money.

I don’t care about Mimi. But I do care about her daughter. I feel an intense, deep sorrow for her Eva. Her daddy’s got an actual sex tape with rapper Eve and her stepmother has all of her nakedness floating in cyberspace. What a start in a life that’s already a b***ch. I pray there’s another strong, dominant figure around the kid who can steer her in the right direction, because her immediate guardians aren’t much thinking about her well-being, in my opinion. Perhaps these parental examples will inspire her to be bigger and better like Richard Pryor growing up in a brothel. Roses can grow from concrete, but why should they when there are options.

OK, I confess. A part of me is disappointed in me. I thought Mimi was better than this. In 2012, she championed a cause called “Saving Our Daughters,” a non profit organization geared towards empowering teen girls and young adults. She even had a bit of class which was underscored by Joseline and Stevie J’s wacky ways. The 41-year-old Mimi was considered the victim on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, as Stevie J cheated on her time and time again.

Now, she’s unwittingly become the very thing she hated and, in turn, victimized her own daughter.

Somebody call child services. A crime is being committed against an innocent kid and we’re just watching.

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