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The weekend is fast approaching and on Friday (4/18) A Haunted House 2 is set to hit theaters and surely there are hundred of thousands of teens and likely adults who are aching to see the latest parody the Wayans clan has seemed to master. We all did it as teens once upon a time, and there are certainly going to be times now as parents that we have to do a little research about the exact content of the movie they’re going to see. Sometimes, it’s the violent nature of a film that gives us pause and sometimes it’s other mature themes, characters and things we peep in the extended trailers that’s enough to make us dole out a firm “no.” In my day, Jim Carey films were off limits!

In an exclusive interview with Marlon Wayans, star of the A Haunted House sequel, MommyNoire had a chance to ask Wayans,  just how young is too young to see this film?

As the star of the film, who’s also a dad, would you say it’s cool for a pre-teen to check out A Haunted House 2?

Well, here’s the thing, I took my son to the premier of the first A Haunted House and he was 11. And I guess, I have to say that I raise them right because when we were sitting there in the theater with his sister who was 12 at the time and there would be some scenes that involved sexual content he would sort of look around and cover his eyes in embarrassment. He’d go ‘oh boy.’ I’d tell him, ‘it’s not that bad man, take your hands down’ and he would say ‘no dad. No, I can’t this is inappropriate.’

How did you handle movies like this when you were his age?

I mean, when I was eight or nine, my older brothers too me to see the movie Airplane and it sort of opened up my mind in terms of thinking and thought process. It’s not that it matured me because I still saw from young eyes, but I didn’t understand a lot of the content until I was an adult.

Things have certainly changed…

And in this day and age with the internet being what it is, kids are going to be exposed to adult material. I’ve had seven-year-old kids come up to me and say, ‘I love Scary Movie‘ and in my head I’m like, really? The movie with the guy who had a penis stuck in his ear?


So I say, watch it with them. This sure beats the kids sneaking to see the movie when you can allow it to be a teaching moment to sort of explain some of the things that you know they don’t understand at their age, you know? I do the best I can which is putting an ‘R’ rating on the film but the parents have to do the rest and educate them.’

Check out the official trailer here!

Mommies, would you go see this film with your teen or allow them to see it with friends?


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