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Sometimes as women and mothers we have to be creative and resourceful and take matters into our own hands. That’s what we love about Agatha Achindu who saw a healthy baby food void and decided to fill it with her amazing company Yummy Spoonfuls, which was founded with the philosophy that healthy babies are happy babies. Each Yummy Spoonfuls meal is packed with all natural, fresh and flavorful ingredients that are 100 percent organic 100 percent of the time! How could we resist getting Achindu to sit down for a talk? Read on for a peek into the great time we had and the great things we learned from Agatha!


Tell us a little bit about Agatha, the woman who created Yummy Spoonfuls. What is your mission and why are you determined to get people to eat better?

I am a wife, mother, businesswoman and founder of Yummy Spoonfuls Organic baby foods. I can best be described as a nutrition enthusiast. I am a strong believer in the old adage, “When you know better you do better.” Parents face many issues, but diet and health should be a fundamental priority. The problem is, while most parents want the best for their children, not all parents know how to easily figure out what is nutritious in today’s market filled with a plethora of “food-like” items. There is a huge difference between feeding to fill-up a child and feeding to nourish a child. When a parent understands this difference then they can begin to address some common diet-related childhood diseases. Helping parents connect the foods they feed their precious babies and their babies’ health is my soul’s purpose. I know for a fact that the cure is the cause so getting people to eat better most often fixes the problem.

Why is clean and healthy eating so important to you and your family?

I know from personal experience — as a child growing up and today as a mother seeing it in my kids — the advantages of eating real food that has been very minimally processed. Many childhood related illness — from ADHD, childhood obesity and diabetes to recurring colds and ear infections along with an endless array of allergies — are diet related. There are no supplements or vitamins that will provide the same high quality nutrients that you get from eating real food that has been minimally processed and free of harmful toxins.

The global scientific community has constantly acknowledged the negative and at times long-lasting effects of small doses of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals on people, especially during the early stages of development as a fetus and during infancy. These pesticides and other agricultural chemicals release toxins into our systems which effects are still being studied. Our kids only have this one body and this one life!

When did you really start to focus on clean eating as a way of life? Did something such as illness change the way you looked at food?

Eating fresh wholesome food was a way of life for my family. I didn’t have any other choice. My mom was a firm believer of the adage, “You are what you eat.” I have always eaten this way. As a child, I grew up on fresh organic foods taken from our own gardens or purchased raw and fresh from the local farmers’ markets. Meals at home were always prepared with the freshest ingredients — fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, etc. Our use of the refrigerator was mainly limited to the conservation of beverages and the occasional leftover. I am my mother’s daughter. I have a deep distaste for processed foods not only because of it’s poor taste but the fact that they have been stripped of their nutrients and come loaded with synthetic toxic chemicals that studies continue to support are responsible for a lot of illnesses in our community.

How do your children feel about fast food and eating out? Do you let them?

Fast food has never been an option in my home. It was a bit difficult when they were younger because they felt sad when everyone else was eating junk or drinking soda but it got easier as they grew older. My kids know there is always a better option and version of any food out there, if they see something they like in school they come home and we make it with real ingredients. I have never bought fast food for my kids (9 and 15) or any can or jar food either.

Can a parent or child with bad eating habits really adapt to clean eating practices?

Yes. I have worked with many families and it works. It takes a lot of effort but you or your child can learn how to eat healthy. You weren’t born wanting processed food, you were taught to want it. That is why it is so important to start our kids off with a love for fresh wholesome foods. Your child will only eat what you buy so if healthy is the only option they have, healthy is the only food they are going to eat.

Tell us about your company Yummy Spoonfuls? When and why did you create it?

Yummy Spoonfuls Baby Food is 100% USDA Certified Organic. We offers a delightful, diverse line of fresh products that are made from all natural ingredients grown without chemical pesticides, nitrates, growth hormones or other harmful substances. The foods are dairy and gluten free and are produced without artificial additives or processing chemicals. Yummy Spoonfuls baby food is fresh-frozen to lock in every available drop of nature’s goodness.  – Every ounce of food is made from scratch fresh to order using only organic ingredients – no fillers, extenders or preservatives!  As the child obesity rate in the United States continues to surge out of control, my idea for this business grew from my desire to make delicious, fresh and wholesome food choices that are developmentally appropriate available to babies and young children on a larger scale.  As I met more mothers, I realized that there is a need for truly fresh, organic baby food that is sourced organically, locally when possible, and tastes great.

Who are some of the celebrities that Yummy Spoonfuls has catered too?

Singer/Songwriter Jewel, Attorney and “The Real Housewifes of Atlanta” cast member Phaedra Parks, actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict, actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, Masika Mughelli wife of Atlanta Falcons Ovie Phillip Mughelli…

What are some of your favorite recipes? Can you share a quick one!

Breakfast is always such a big deal in my home and we make everything from pancakes, breads, waffles, beef/chicken/fish breakfast patties, and everything in-between, my home is a cereal-free home so we make all type of stuff. My all time favorite is this gluten-free quinoa waffle not only because it is gluten-free but because it tastes better than regular waffle and it’s so very easy to make.

Check out Agatha’s delicious gluten-free waffle recipe!


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