The Aunty Chronicles: Let’s Talk Being 40 And Fearless

September 24, 2014  |  

So how does it feel to be 40? This is the question that everyone was asking me on March 14th.  After a big, bright, red-lipped smile, I responded: “I don’t feel any different than I did when I turned thirty.”  The next day after the party, cocktails, cupcakes and snapshots I began writing in my new journal that I received as gift. I asked myself on the pages, “How does it feel to be 40, Dawn?”

Sitting for a good ten minutes with the pen in my hand, my mind started to wonder. I still look like I am in my early thirties according to everyone including my doctor, dentist and Dad. Hey, that counts! As far as my physical health, I am low on vitamin D and minerals, otherwise I am quite healthy and active. I begin training for the New York City Marathon in April; it will be my first 26.2 mile race. I could always use more money and my credit score could be higher. What is different about me now that I am 40?

Years ago I started to take on a variety of challenges in life. I started working with clients that presented themselves to be a bit stimulating and took me out of my comfort zone. I started running distance to challenge the way I took on fitness. I even started dating younger guys, just because the mutual attraction was undeniable. Live a little!

My triumphs over adversity and my willingness to persevere make me feel extremely empowered and confident. Somewhere between my 35th birthday and March 14, 2014 I became FEARLESS!  I became bold. I have always been one to speak my truth and some have interpreted that as brash or aggressive, but the realization for me is that the word that better describes me is fearless.  I am confident but humble.  I know the road that I have traveled over the past decade has allowed me to take risks, step out on faith, reinvent myself, be rejected, be embraced and through it all I have learned that there is no one who is without flaws, so just be.

Just be who you are!  I listen to my spirit.  I know that there is always a way to make things better. I know that rejection of me or my work doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with what I am offering.  It does indicate that I just haven’t presented it to the right person at the right moment.  And when I do, it will be considered perfect. When I meet the right man, at the right time, he will consider me “the one”.  Jumping through hoops in love, life and business is no longer an option. I show up and give my best self and it will be enough or it won’t. Either way, I will be happy.  Nothing can rob me of the joy I have discovered. I can see my glass as half full and I understand that filling it up is always in my control and no one elses.

Each day I know for certain that I will be older than the day before, but I will also be stronger and wiser as well.

When I look back at my 20-year-old self, half a lifetime ago, I can see how she was hopeful, but unsure, willing but afraid to fail. I can tell that girl that she will be unstoppable in no time.  While I have failed at some things I will still continue to feed my creativity and seek out new ways to make the most of my life and offer my love to those around me. I will love even harder because I have experienced heartbreak, but being in love is awesome.  I will build strength in my mind and body because I know the power of prayer and push-ups…lol!

I will always strive to be best in class, however in that journey I will never again, feel that I am not enough, just as I am. So the next time someone asks me: “So how does it feel to be 40?” My answer will be I am 40 and fearless in life, work and love and I wish the same for you.

Are you 40 or coming close to an age that you are dreading or embracing? Talk about it here.

The Aunty Chronicles: Let’s Talk Being 40 And Fearless

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