James Cosby’s Alleged Murder of His Gay Daughter Is Horrific

March 19, 2014  |  

James Cosby, father to Britney Cosby, has been charged with allegedly murdering his daughter and her girlfriend Crystal. Their bodies were found in Port Bolivar, Texas, in which a thumbprint of James was discovered on the scene. When asked why his prints were at the crime scene, he didn’t have an answer. His home is also being combed for evidence and being investigated as a second crime scene. A missing window shutter at his home was found at the scene (which he claimed was missing since he moved) along with blood being on the scene. He is also being charged with tampering with evidence.

There was a candlelight vigil for Crystal last week which James attended. It wasn’t until after the memorial service that a case was being built linking him to the double homicide.

While no one is for sure about James’ alleged motive, Britney’s mother thinks that he more than likely committed the crime, and it was because he was troubled about his daughter’s lesbian relationship.


It’s hard to say much about James because there hasn’t been enough evidence to prove that he was in fact responsible for the murder. However, there is something to say if this is in fact what happened. It’s appalling and horrific that a man would kill his daughter because she was involved with another woman.

Crystal’s mother asked: “Why would you do this? This is your child. This is something we conceived together? Ain’t that much hatred in this world to make you just do this.”

What rings in my head was a conversation that I had with a friend of mine when my daughter Cydney was maybe a year and a half old. She’s three now, and as a man I was telling my friend all of the big plans I had in my head for my little girl in spite of the fact that her mother was no longer with us. I was telling him that things will still be the same. I was telling him my views on motherhood that she will instinctively pick up even if she never has a stepmother. He interjected: “What if she’s gay and she doesn’t have children?” Without much of a pause, I said: “Well, I hope we’ll live in a country where she can legally marry and I still walk her down that aisle.” I then joked and said, “Maybe she’ll adopt or they’ll find a donor and she’ll still understand.”

The quip wasn’t and still isn’t meant to be malicious. I used humor to make the point that no matter who my daughter loves that I hope they treat her right. I may have my plans and wishes but she can and will have her own; all I can do is accept her and love her through anything she faces and whoever she chooses to be…and be with.

Love isn’t a noun, it’s a verb. It’s an action. If I accept her for whoever she becomes then my actions show that I in fact will take her as she comes, flaws and all. I may not like everyone that she brings into her circle and the laws of average suggest that there will be a jerk or few that I may not approve. All I can do is love her through it, and hope for the best. If things and situations don’t work out as she wanted, I will be there to help her pick up the pieces and move on, hopefully learning a lesson from it.

Many people cite religious scriptures and moral beliefs as to why gay relationships are wrong. Those that cite these scriptures should also know that they say that there is no degree of sin–which means that the little white lie one tells in [most] supreme being’s eyes is just as bad as Cosby’s alleged killing his daughter and her friend.

However, who doesn’t believe in love before any of these things? In order to truly love someone in any capacity one must accept them first. When you’re saying yes to vows at the altar you are in fact accepting them before you say the words: I do. When you are expecting a child, you typically have nine months to accept the child as they come–be it 47 chromosomes instead of 46, missing limbs, or gay.

James Cosby’s Alleged Murder of His Gay Daughter Is Horrific

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