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I have come to learn in my 29 years of life that haters are gonna hate and all you can do is throw up deuces and keep it moving. It has been five weeks now since I gave birth to my child, and to this day I am still in awe that I lost all of my pregnancy weight only three weeks after delivery. It’s not something I planned to do, though I did want to have a Beyoncé snapback sooner than later.

During my b.c. (before child) days, I was totally clueless about things like pregnancy weight and how the female body react to all of these changes. Sure, I’ve seen celebrities shortly after having their babies but brushed it off since they get paid to get back in shape. In fact, I think that’s the general assumption by most that unless you’re famous it will take a ton of time to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Well, I am here to tell you that it’s not true for all women.

Making the decision earlier on in my pregnancy to remain as active as I could was one of the best choices I made. I felt so energetic throughout my entire time with bump that I could even jog and lift weights (nothing over-the-top) up to the 40 week mark. I gained a total of 20 pounds and never complained about aches and pains. Now, I heard that women tend to lose anywhere from 12-14 pounds after delivery once you factor in the baby exiting, among other things, so I was prepared for that weight loss, but baffled once it kept coming off as I never stepped foot in the gym until the third week – and all I did was walking on the treadmill.

The funny thing is, women I knew in the gym were so encouraging when they saw how different I looked after my delivery, but it was some of my “friends” that really shocked me by throwing shade each and every moment they could.

“I mean you look good and all but I just couldn’t starve myself to say I am back in my regular jeans.”


For the record, I don’t eat a grass diet and have been known to chow down on Doritos, Burger King and whatever else (within moderation, of course) I wanted. Heck, as soon as I gave birth you would have thought I had a hit of the good stuff with how much I was eating (you really get the munchies)! I would hope that the women in my circle would be somewhat supportive or at least nice about the things they say – especially when you consider they have seen me workout throughout my entire pregnancy, but nope.

I get that a woman who’s lost her pregnancy weight in a few weeks can warrant a side eye. Zoe Saldana stunned on the Oscars red carpet a few days ago looking supernatural in Versace just three months after giving birth to her twin boys Bowie and Cy. Well, I can’t speak for her but am here to tell you that there are plenty of us “regular Janes” out there who might snapback sooner than expected that aren’t sticking our fingers down our throats, starving ourselves or working out on the double just to say we are back to normal. You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover and don’t know what a person did prior to giving birth that may contribute to their weight loss. Zoe says she relied on her two babies to help whip her body into shape. “Oh God. Breastfeeding!” Saldana credited to the reason behind her slim-down. “And just eating very healthy because I have to feed two babies. Just when you think you’re done feeding one, the other one is like, ‘I’m here!’ ‘Oh! You too? Okay here you go.’

I do consider myself lucky to have lost my baby weight, but I also know that I took care of myself pre-birth…and good genes don’t hurt either.

Have you had an easy or hard time with losing weight after giving birth?

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