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The issue of whether or not parents should spank their children has been hotly debated for some time. There are those who spank, others who prefer to use the love and logic method, or other non-physical approaches to discipline. My motto is: do what works for you and yours within the confines of child protection laws.  While the spanking debate, among parents, has been going on a for a while, I mistakenly thought the debate about whether or not kids should be spanked in schools was over. Apparently, I thought wrong.

It appears that in Kansas, parents have the option to allow school officials to spank their children. Not only that, reports stating a Kansas lawmaker had proposed a bill that would expand on this provision to allow students to be spanked in a way that would leave visible marks. Come again?

Now, if this is not an overreach on the part of the state, I don’t what is. Forget about whether or not schools should have the authority to spank kids. My question is, why do they even want to, and to the point of leaving marks? Arbitrary corporal punishment was eliminated years ago for good reason.

It’s as if the state is asking for a license to abuse children, because in my book, leaving a mark amounts to abuse and it unnerves me. In my opinion, under no circumstances, should  a parent ever give an education system permission to spank their child. And certainly not the point where the incident would leave bruises. There’s too much room for something bad to happen. While lawmakers may think in-school spankings will curb poor behavior in the short term, there is no telling what the long-term issues might be.

I don’t have on rose tinted glasses. I know our school systems are filled with children who misbehave and they may be unresponsive to traditional methods of discipline. Something needs to be done. However, I feel like no third party should have a mandate to be able physically touch our children. My children’s bodies are sacred and I couldn’t care less what a lawmaker thinks is best.  No one has the right to touch them or make them feel unsafe.

Spankings are something that those who do spank dole out in love, and out of concern for our child’s overall well being. While I value what teachers do, and don’t want to vilify them, there is the occasional bad apple. After all, we do live the era of Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State coach who systematically abused young boys after parents put faith in him to lead their kids down a better path. I don’t always trust a third party to properly educate my kids, so there’s no way I’d trust them when it comes to phsycially putting their hands on them.

Parents and voters have to take a firm stand against these types of proposals. Sorry, Kansas, but when it comes to spankings, there is no place like home.

Would you give your child’s school permission to beat them and leave marks?

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