9 Ways to Keep Your Toddler from Driving You Out Your Damn Mind

February 20, 2014  |  

Toddlers are hard to deal with sometimes. They’re natural disasters and they operate on their own special code of conduct. They’re adorable and sweet, while being complete monsters that terrorize our lives with tantrums and threatening our sanity each day. Since they’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to us (and because there may be witnesses), we can’t punch them in the face. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid meltdowns.

The Basics:

1. Keep them super fed, and super hydrated

A full belly is a great way to thwart the grumpies. Keeping their blood sugar levels as even as possible helps our friendly toddlers stay on an even keel. I feed my son about every two hours. I realized his mood is a lot better if he has two bigger meals and grazes/snacks throughout the day. I also offer him water and milk throughout the day. On days when his eating is off kilter, more meltdowns occur.

2. Get the sleep routine down (as best you can)

This is often hard for parents so be gentle on yourself if getting good sleep from your toddler isn’t as easy as the parenting books (and other, evil mothers) make it seem. Sleep changes during growth spurts, times of teething and sickness, so try to be aware. Get a soothing night time routine together for your toddler, and have another for nap-time. The more sleep they get, the more agreeable they are. Just like us adults!

3. Keep them on a routine

Every parenting book says the same thing: toddlers thrive on routines. It’s important for them to know what to expect. A good trick is to let them know what’s coming up next and give them warnings when things are about to change. Try your best to stick to the routine, but don’t stress if you cant.

Day to day:

These are a few tricks to help make it through on average toddler days:

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