Nude Adult Pajama Party Happened at Kids’ Playspace. Should Parents Be Upset?

February 6, 2014  |  
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Some nice parents in Long Island, New York are clutching their pearls after their kids’ favorite off-brand Chuck E. Cheese was tainted. The Krazy Kidz playspace has come under a lot of fire after parents found out the facility let a private group host an adult pajama party this past Saturday. The group that hosted the event said no photos, but of course someone snapped some grainy cell pics and everyone’s upset at the fact that one or two people may or may not have been naked.

The Meetup group said in the invite for their Jungle Gym & Pajama All-Night Dance Party for Grown Ups Who Won’t Grow Up, “The purpose of the party is to play like a kid! …to be happy and carefree. This is just good clean wholesome fun… There will be no orgy, smut, strippers, or sexually lewd content….however…there will be tasteful nudity.” Though definitely different from the little kids’ birthday parties they usually throw, the pajama party was a way for the struggling venue to make extra money.

The organizers and Krazy Kidz say nothing raunchy went on, but that doesn’t keep parents from getting mad about this kinda stuff. One mom said to CBS Local, “Most of my friends and everybody who’s talking about it will refuse to go there now.” All the handwringing led Krazy Kidz to address the incident on their Facebook page:

The staff at Krazy Kidz would like to address the concerns regarding some recent Facebook posts which appear to show less than tasteful behavior at our facility. In order to help meet regular expenses the facility was rented to a private group for a benefit costume party. The photo in question actually shows a person in the background wearing a body stocking Eve costume.

This event was no different that an ordinary Halloween party that you would hold at your home. As always, that facility has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with a fogging spray and we continue to pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facility. Our carpets are shampooed regularly, the floor is vacuumed and the bathrooms are bleached daily. All tabletops and benches are sanitized every time they are used just as in any restaurant.

Please understand that our staff was not involved in this event and they look forward to continuing to serve the public. In addition, our private party facility rental policy is currently under review to prevent any such misunderstandings from occurring in the future.

Mommies are daddies still cried foul, with one writing, “Anyone who has seen the pics will see there was no bodysuit. This beyond disgusting that naked people hanged [sic] out on a jungle gym that kids will be crawling there the next day.”

For the sake of argument, let’s say this commenter is right and the person in the picture wasn’t wearing a bodysuit. And maybe one, possibly two, couples had sex that night. In the scheme of things parents have to worry about, should this really be at the top of the list? Just think about it: mommy and daddy have sex in their bed, and kids also come in and play in that same bed. Do these parents make their beds off-limits because sex has been had there? If the facility did do the serious cleaning it said it did, then let’s just move on. The simple fact that something sexual happened where kids are (but way past the time kids would ever be around) is getting people mad but these nice suburban parents should really lighten up.

Would you boycott this playspace?


Photo:  CBS Local

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