‘Try Not Having Kids’ Parody Isn’t Really About Parents vs. Non-Parents

February 6, 2014  |  

Last week the video was posted parodying the medical commercials we see on television at night. This one was about not having children. It started out with light music and a calming voice asking “Do you find you are not yet ready to obliterate any chance you have left to enjoy life to its fullest? Then try Not Having Kids!”

I laughed because it was well executed and hilarious. The lady with the sweet voice gave all of the reasons why this alternative to procreation is something worth considering…all the way down to “the crushing of one’s dreams and aspirations.”

This comes on the heels of a recent study that found couples who do not have children are happier. The common consensus in the study and hinted at in the parody is that people who don’t have children have more freedom. The studies showed that people who do not have children are not only happier, but richer and healthier. Interesting.

I’m a parent and I love being one. My daughter is hands down my best work. While all she can do is take from me and she does put an extra dent in my pocket I am overall happier with her than without her.

Raising children is stressful. There’s putting someone else’s life before your own needs and even if you do have dreams an aspirations sometimes they have to be modified. I know this very well. When it comes to employment I have to take into consideration how many hours I work and as a New Yorker take into account my commute to and from the job. The extra money that my non-parent friends get to save or ball out and have a great time with I have to spend on daycare, more food, toys, other fun outings, and activities that my daughter is involved in. I understand that very well.

I didn’t plan on becoming a parent when I did and I didn’t plan on being single parent either. These were just the cards that I was dealt. I often feel like I am trapped between two worlds: being young and single, and being settled down. Happy hours don’t exist and if I’m seeing someone I can’t really do overnight stays because I have to get someone ready for school the next day. I’m young and nowhere near settled down so sometimes I’d like to still be young and enjoy the remainder of my twenties but more often than not it doesn’t happen.

When giving the side effects of not having kids, the “commercial” mentioned that one of these was “having very little to talk about with your pro-creating friends after age 30.” That, in fact, is very true. I have way more in common with my friends who are parents. We talk about the crazy things our kids do and how they stress us out. We also laugh at our non-parent friends who claim they are just so busy and bogged down with life. They know nothing about what really being busy is. In fact, I had one friend tell me that they’re as busy as a parent and it took everything in my being to not laugh out loud and hurt their feelings.

One of my favorite TV shows “Scrubs” had a line once where a character said they heard having a kid is like owning a dog that slowly learns how to talk. in which another character responded saying “That’s Awesome!” That is what it’s like and it really is pretty cool. You’ll never know how selfless or patient you really are until you have to put all of your everything aside for someone. More often than not, parents are happy to do so. It gives a little more purpose and meaning to the things we do.

I don’t knock people who don’t want to have children. To each his own. Those who want children are happier with them. To those who don’t, of course they’re living the life they want to as well which of course equates to happiness. Makes sense to me.

With that said there’s a two year old staring at me that wants a red apple and for me to join her watching Bubble Guppies.

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