Bullying Over My Little Pony Leads 11-Year-Old to Attempt Suicide

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Two North Carolina parents are heartbroken as their 11-year-old son is in the hospital recovering from a suicide attempt. Michael Morones is a huge fan of the “My Little Pony” show and toys but his classmates teased him so horribly, he tried to take his life, reports ABC Local.

The boy, who his parents described as “dancing everywhere” tried to hang himself off the side of his bunk bed. Mother Tiffany Morones and stepfather Shannon Suttle rushed Michael to the hospital as quickly as they could, but there’s no telling whether or not it will be enough. Doctors say he could be facing lifelong brain damage since his brain had been deprived of oxygen.

All of this started because Michael loves “My Little Pony”. The show, generally geared toward young girls, has recently seen a big surge in popularity among boys and men; those new fans call themselves Bronies. But elementary-aged kids don’t understand that. The bullies at Michael’s school just saw a kid who they thought was probably gay and bullied him.

There’s no word on how the school plans to handle the incident (even though North Carolina is one of 49 states with bullying prevention laws on the books) but Morones doesn’t plan to take a harsh approach:

“I’ve heard a lot of people say you need to go after bullies and hold them responsible,” said Tiffany. “But you know, I don’t think that’s what Mike would want. I would rather teach people how to do right than turn around than punish, because punishment doesn’t always work.”

No kid should ever feel so bad suicide seems like the only answer. And it’s really sad this is all over a cartoon. Cartoons are harmless.

Have your kids ever been bullied?

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