Abiola’s Love Class: Alexyss K. Tylor Breaks Down Vagina Power 101!

January 31, 2014  |  

I felt that men were tricking me and lying to me and lying on me, using sex against me. That’s the time I became celibate. That was about seven years, almost eight years ago. And when I went through that, I realized – ‘I’m always picking these men that want to act like they love me and then they want to like imprison me.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m always the common denominator and I always lose. What is it? I’m always the one in a relationship’. And I realized – ‘Wow, vagina power’! That’s when it came up and I’m like – ‘I’m going to do this Vagina Power show’, and I was angry from being abused all my life and then being abused as an adult.

I felt then that this was all spiritual. This was all psychic. This was all emotional and it was happening because I always felt powerless. So when I started doing that, and nobody was going to touch me because I had attracted the wrong people, and realizing that in your vagina is the world of all worlds. And it holds the knowledge of all things because it’s connected cosmically to the Universe before it comes physical.

That’s where that knowledge comes from. In that pain and that celibacy. Everything I talk about now, all the projects [that I am] creating with my son now. Expanding that brand, adding to that umbrella of the Vagina Power thing actually came from me being celibate.

So, how do you define Penis Power?

It’s the same thing. Because a man is God. And his God stealth comes through karmically. Not only emotionally and spiritually, but with the lessons he needs to learn or relearn or redo until he gets it right.

I’m excited to see what you continue to create and what your son creates. How can people support?

I created my own line of Alexyss K. Tylor nutritional supplements. I do not make those. I have those created for me in an FDA-approved sterile lab. But the skin products, the hair products, I do make those. Those are organic butters and oils. I also do private tarot readings and the private intuitive readings. I’m a medical intuitive where I intuitively scan your body. All of this is at Alexyssktylor.net.

Beautiful. Okay, you got to give us one big Alexyss K. Tylor “Vagina Power” chant to end this conversation.

Alexysss K. Tylor… Vaagggiinnnaaa poooweeerrr! Whoohhhh!

All love and all respect, my sister. All love and all respect.

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