How Much Are Stay-At-Home Moms Worth? Survey Says Over $100,000 A Year

January 26, 2014  |  

There’s no doubt that stay-at-home moms work just as hard as moms who work outside the home. I know plenty of women who would rather work a 9-t0-5 in an office rather than be in the house all day cleaning and taking care of their child (and sometimes working a freelance job as well). I’m not say keeping a home and childrearing is the worst thing you could do with your day, it’s just that when people think of stay-at-home moms they have visions of a woman laying on the couch watching back episodes of Scandal. Truth is, being at home is often a stressful and underappreciated lifestyle…and the work really never ends.

The folks over at  seem to agree. For their 13th year, they asked over 6,000 moms about their top 10 time-consuming tasks, how much time they spent doing each, and then calculated how much a person would earn doing those tasks. On average, stay-at-home moms work 94 hours per week with tasks including: cook, housekeeper, driver, computer operator, daycare teacher, janitor, CEO, psychologist, laundry operator and facilities manager.

Yes, indeed. We can think of a few more including doctor, referee, dietician, fashion stylist…

Are you ready for this mamas? According to their calculations, stay-at-home moms would earn $113, 568 a year if properly compensated for their efforts. Working moms would clock in at $67,436 for 58 hours of at-home work per week. even has a tool so you can calculate your “worth”. And yes, there’s even one for Dad too.

In reality, we get paid with hugs and kisses from our little ones, kids who do what we say (and not as we do, wink wink), come home with great grades, and who love us unconditionally. A stay-at-home moms worth, or any mom for that matter, could never be recouped with cash… though it would be great if we got to send in an invoice to the Mom Fairy every week, right?

Are you surprised at these numbers? Do you think it should be more?





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