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By Abiola Abrams

Cora Harrington is a superstar blogger writing about life, empowerment and lingerie on her uber popular blog. Her background is in non-profits, specifically crisis management. Before doing The Lingerie Addict full-time she worked with survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, physical assault, and family members of homicide victims. Clearly, this is a woman of many talents. 

Recently we caught up with Miss Lingerie Addict to talk sexy undies plus personal empowerment.

Abiola: How did you get started, Cora? Why lingerie?

Cora: My blog started off as just a hobby. I was interested in lingerie but couldn’t find any websites that offered product reviews or advice about buying it. So I just started writing my own reviews and sharing pieces I loved, and things grew very gradually and slowly (!) from there. In April 2014, I will have been blogging about lingerie for six years.

I love what you’re doing. Did you plan on purpose for it to lead to a career?

Not at all! I feel like I literally tripped and fell into a career. I’ve always loved to write and I’ve always enjoyed fashion, but I never planned to do what I’m doing now for my job. I feel incredibly lucky as well as incredibly grateful that I’m able to do something that’s so much fun for a living.

There’s so much in the media about black women’s supposed lack of desirability. How did you learn to love yourself?

Oh my goodness…this is definitely something I touch on at The Lingerie Addict blog since very few lingerie brands use black models (and are quick to come up with excuses for why black models are “inappropriate” for their ad campaigns). I think my parents were the first step. I have a muscular body type. I have dark skin. I have kinky hair. They never made me feel like I needed to change any of my physical qualities to be a better or more attractive version of myself. They encouraged me to be neat and well-groomed and clean, of course, but I never had any pressure to wear make-up, lose weight, or even shave my legs. Those things were just non-issues in our house, and I didn’t realize how unusual that was until years later.

My parents were also very deliberate about making sure I was exposed to black history and to images of black beauty. Now that I’m an adult, I realize just how much effort that must have taken on their part, but it was absolutely important and necessary and I want to do the same for my children. I’m also just very real and honest with myself. I’m never going to fit neatly into our social constructions of beauty.  I’m not thin or curvy. My hair isn’t straight. My skin isn’t light. I have scars and stretch marks. I focus on being the best possible version of myself, physically and otherwise, knowing full well that if people aren’t okay with it, that’s entirely their problem…not mine.

Yes! Well said, sis. I am a La Perla fan. What are your personal lingerie faves?

Let’s see. How much time do you have?  I’ve been on a huge indie designer kick lately. A few of my favorites are Hopeless Lingerie, Kiss Me Deadly, Between the Sheets, ClareBare and Angela Friedman. I also wear a lot of Claudette, Natori, and Hanky Panky on an everyday basis. For special occasions, nothing beats a corset, and What Katie Did makes some amazing off the rack, steel-boned pieces.

Of course, the core of my teachings as a coach are self-love and a self-loving attitude. For women seeking a little extra oomph, I advise that even wearing a pair of red panties makes us walk differently. How can the average woman feel sexy?

Lingerie can be a part of feeling sexy, but I honestly believe sexiness starts on the inside. If you are a sexy individual, then you’re sexy no matter what you’re wearing. Of course, a particular undergarment can help bring that sexy feeling out, but only if it resonates with your particular, individual version of sexiness. Sexiness can be a garter belt and stockings, but it can also be a luxe silk robe or even a pair of jersey pajamas. It’s all about what you bring to the outfit and how it makes you feel. It may sound cliche, but comfort and confidence are really the sexiest things of all.


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