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Last week, celebrity fitness trainer Tarik Tyler answered the questions women ask him the most. This week, he’s back with five more answers and women’s fitness tips. Get ready to get fit!
How soon can I get back into a fitness routine after having a baby?
This question is subject to interpretation. The first step is to consult with your physician. If there were no complications in your pregnancy then the average time to reengage in a serious exercise program is six weeks. The important thing is to stay as fit as possible during your pregnancy so you can bounce back sooner.
What’s the least amount of time I should spend exercising yet still see results?
This question is another one of those microwave society needs. Instead of finding pleasure in exercise there are those who want to get results in the shortest period of time with minimal effort. The answer is this: there is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is a combination of high intensity cardio combined with resistance training.  Intervals are usually seven minutes in length and repeated anywhere between three and four rounds. While this type if training has been proven to get results, the extreme intensity of the workouts makes it very risky for a beginner or in some cases even an intermediate. There are those that want to push past their comfort zone too soon and risk injury. Remember a fitness lifestyle is a marathon not a sprint.
I heard lifting weights will stunt my child’s growth, is that true?
This is one of the biggest myths concerning kids and fitness of all time. There used to be pseudoscientific belief that having a child do any serious resistance training would effect the growth plates, causing them to fuse. It was based on unsubstantiated opinions that strength training caused the tendons, ligaments and muscles to mature at too soon if weights were involved. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is not one shred of evidence, either empirical or factual that supports this. If this was true then every child who did  push-ups in gym class would be no taller than that time in their lives. It’s perfectly fine to have your child do strength training. As long as they learn good form, they can pursue some light weight training. Be careful that they’re not attempting heavy weights or extreme bodybuilder programs.
Which will burn off body fat better: jogging or skipping rope?  
This is a tough one. In the end, while jogging might be easier to sustain than skipping rope, both are very effective in terms of providing a great cardio workout. But the question of fat burning is more about the length of time you spend and intensity. A jog that lasts 30 minutes and a rope skipping session that last for equal time will both burn a sufficient amount of calories. However, if you are looking to tap into your stored fat you need to increase the intensity periodically during the 30 minute session. By doing intervals you increase your caloric burn overall and tap into your fat stores sooner.
I’m looking to avoid fruit sugary drinks does that mean I should avoid fruit as well?
Good question! With so many concerned about their blood sugar being elevated, avoiding anything fruity seems like a good idea. The difference, though, is that a piece if fruit contains the one thing that fruit sugar doesn’t. That thing is fiber. Fiber allows your body to absorb the sugars from fruit at a much slower pace thus avoiding that sudden elevated blood sugar level. Not to mention all the trace  vitamins, minerals and elements that you get from eating fruit. I’ve never been one to deny myself a piece of fruit after a good workout so I highly recommend fruit as a good source of healthy natural sugars. Besides to maintain a healthy state you should aim to have at least 3-4 servings if fruit a day. Get those nutrients!
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