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Halsey Parkerson has about a hundred new friends, thanks to his aunt’s use of the Internet.

Halsey and his aunt were having lunch when she overheard a kid telling him he had no friends and no one liked him. The two talked about it and Halsey said that kind of thing happens a lot. The aunt posted a Facebook message in the group for one of her car clubs to ask if they’d show up at his school. More than a hundred people showed up at his school, completely jamming the parking lot. With all those people standing behind him, Halsey stood up to his bully, who apologized.

He took, “If you’re being bullied, stand up and express yourself.” And that’s exactly what kids should do. But was it his aunt’s place to put her nephew’s business out there in such a public forum? Bullying is tough and we should all support people who are being bullied (and try to find out why the bullies themselves are acting out that way–usually there’s something going on there, too), but how long will the effects of this anti-bullying rally last? Did it help him make lasting connections that will help him feel less lonely? Will he have the courage to stand up for himself in different situations? His aunt should’ve talked to him about how he should handle himself. Those people that filled the parking lot were so kind to go out of their way for a stranger, but frankly, the rally smacks of pity and charity. And kids are cruel; it’s only a matter of time before someone points out to Halsey that people just felt sorry for him. Won’t that just make him feel worse?

The bully apologized, which is great, but how could he have done anything else standing before a hundred people? I would be more concerned about what would happen when the news cameras and the crowds are gone. That’s when bullying is at its worse.

Halsey sounded happy when he talked to reporters. But I hope it’s a lasting content that makes him able to ignore or confront bullying.

What do you think about the anti-bullying rally?

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