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Did anyone else have fears as a first-time mom about not having the slightest clue on what to do? I admit that I haven’t changed a diaper since my little sister was born, and she’s almost 19! Thankfully, I have my husband who has been around children to help guide the way a bit, but there is something to be said about the power of women and their expertise. After all, there’s nothing like a mother’s touch right?

When I first discovered I was with child, there was an excitement that came over me as I knew I would be entering a new stage in my life: mommyhood. Just thinking about being someone’s mother is a concept I am still trying to grasp, but I do so with great expectations and any help I can get. Much to my surprise I never knew that a social tool I use for hanging out would quickly turn into my saving grace in the uncharted land of parenting.

Have you ever used It’s a really savvy social tool that allows you to connect with like-minded people. You join groups based on your hobbies and likes. As an at-home freelance journalist I often use it when I need to take a step away from the computer and hang out with the ladies. You can call it a desperate ploy for friendship but it really does make sense – especially for people like me who went to high school and college in a different state.

While weeding through upcoming events I was pleasantly surprised to find recommended groups for me that are focused on moms and expecting mothers. Score!

Like I said before, I live in a different state from where I grew up which can make my pool of close friends shorter and shorter. Add on to the fact that none of my local friends are expecting and I am one of the only pregnant women I know. Knowing that there are mommy groups out there on helps to remove many of the “oh my gosh who can I talk to about this” situations I face. Joining a mommy group has been a real treat since I not only get to meet other women going through similar situations as me, but also learn tips and takeaways that I can use once my bundle of joy comes. As icing on the cake, there are even mommy groups for women with babies and small children who speak a foreign language. Ding ding, we have another winner! My husband and I will be teaching our little one Spanish in the house. Just knowing I have another resource to make my endeavors a reality feels really great. Heck, there are even mommy groups that strap their kiddies in their strollers and hit the track for weekly fitness routines. So as you can see, the opportunities for socializing with other moms specific to your needs is quite high.

Anyone who has a pool of friends or family members who they can go to for parenting advice and play dates should really count their blessings. If however you find yourself as the lone ranger aka only one with a child in your crew, please know that you do have options. Of course there are plenty of other resources out there for mothers to choose from, but is one that’s free (unless the group charges an annual membership which is typically low) and specific to your location. Why not jump on a take a peek? The worst that can happen is you don’t like a group – or fall so much in love that your partner wonders where the heck you are.

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