Dear Juicy J: Keep Your Twerking Scholarship

September 11, 2013  |  

Rapper Juicy J of Three Six Mafia fame has opted to promote his new album with a contest. The strategy? Give one winner a $50,000 scholarship to college. Nice! That’s a whopping sum of money for any aspiring college student. Before you rush to fill out the application, there is one hitch:

You have to be one helluva Twerker – in fact, the best!

That’s right! In order to tap into the higher learning funds, one has to be able to Twerk. If you have been under a rock you may not know that Twerking is the act of provocatively shaking your backside in a concentrated and focused manner. Pop Culture is infatuated with it these days!

Ready for the criteria? The scholarship Juicy J is offering is open only to women aged 18-25, who are enrolled in a 2-4 year accredited college or university. Furthermore, the “Juicy J Scholarship Foundation” members will judge contestants on their “assets and creativity.” It gets better – contestants must upload their videos to YouTube for the world to see.

In these times, $50,000 is a lot of money to be giving the needy, particularly those trying to better their lives through education.

However, Juicy J and the Foundation can keep their damn money.

My daughter is not of age, but if she was, I’d rather work at a fast food restaurant for minimum wage than have her shake her butt for Juicy J’s scholarship. The bigger question is – why would Juicy J offer a scholarship to “the best chick who can Twerk” when there are an infinite number of other ways to seed college funds to deserving students?


“Twerking” is nothing new, but now its mainstream – thanks to Miley Cyrus. Sadly, once upon a time, my daughter admired Hannah Montana – those days are over. Juicy’s approach, however he chooses to present it, is deplorable. A rapper closing in on 40 years old decides to do a good deed – in his way.

But, then what?

After the girl shakes their assets for money, how will they feel about themselves? What will their fellow students conclude about them? How about their family, friends or children? Will this get so big that future employers could be influenced because Suzy May made it to college because she Twerked the best for her sugar daddy Juicy J?

Well, that’s just it. To hell with this money. Its dirty and if you are doing the “right thing,” you probably already have a scholarship based on what is between your ears.

This isn’t innovative or helpful, in my opinion. When you dangle $50k at somebody, the paradigm shifts greatly. This power-play is deplorable and its a damn near predatory act for press for Juicy’s new album. On top of it, Juicy J has partnered with a major black press site known for the very best in raunchy, pseudo porn and generally-over-the top degenerate behavior. Whoever “wins” this content, I PROMISE…will lose.

This open letter is coming from a longtime fan of Juicy J and Three Six Mafia. Fortunately, I’m a bigger fan of my daughter, my niece, and a just about every 18-25 year old female enrolled in college right now.

“You a college chick, keep twerking baby, might earn you a scholarship.”


Thanks, Juicy, but no thanks.

Fathers and mothers – raise them right.

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