I’m Sick! What to Do When You’re Pregnant

September 12, 2013  |  

Ah-choo! Can you please pass the Kleenex?

My girlfriends who are already mothers clown the mess out of me with my pregnancy. Do I have any other first-timers out there? If so, then you know that you pay attention to any and everything regarding your growing bundle of joy. I suppose once he comes out and I have more children down the road, I can learn to keep calm and carry on –but for now, I am on it like secret service.

Not too long ago, I woke up with the sorest throat, scratchy eyes and a runny nose which had me freaking out. If my immune system is acting a hot mess does that mean that my baby is going to get the sniffles too? I was going crazy thinking about the risks of being sick and pregnant. Thankfully I wised up realizing that us preggers are quite susceptible to colds and the flu as our immune system runs low when we are pregnant (works to protect our little ones). Knowing this made my life easier though I was quite uncomfortable to say the least.

Though the jury is still out on whether I had a bad case of sinuses or a cold, I am very happy to say it passed after a few days of sneezing 24-7 and doing what I could to take care of myself. Granted, if it progressed or showed signs of being something worse like the flu, you better believe I would have went straight to my doctor so she could prescribe something. As you probably know, certain over-the-counter options like aspirin and ibuprofen are no bueno for pregnant ladies. Though many physicians are comfy with the occasional use of acetaminophens (think Tylenol), you might want to check with your doc about anything else as it could have not so good effects on your baby, regardless of how far along you are.

Do you have any tricks of the trade when you get sick while pregnant? We haven’t even officially started the fall season let alone winter, so I am using this experience to prep for what’s to come or could happen.

One of the first things I realized my body needed when feeling under the weather was sleep, sleep and more sleep. You can ask anybody–your body is great at recovering when given the chance to do so. Even if I couldn’t squeeze in a quick nap during the day, I made sure I had my booty in bed to catch some much needed z’s.

Fluids are also very important (especially water) as it helps to keep you hydrated while your body combats whatever it’s fighting. I made sure I had a full water bottle throughout the day in addition to other fluids like non-decaf tea and even broth. Get your chicken noodle soup on without the soda on the side. Having a balanced diet (ugh I hate that word) can also make the road to recovery a less bumpy one as fruits and veggies are full of nutrients like vitamin C and others to whip our immune system back in shape.

My final go-to item when I was under the weather was an oldie but a goody – salt water gargles. Honey if your throat is on fire, this is a huge must!

Needless to say I think any pregnant woman is counting her lucky stars not to be sick. Though I am realizing little colds and things are more likely than not to pop up, at least I know there are some things I can do to make getting back to 100 percent much easier.



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