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Hello Mommas! I’m here to talk about iron deficiency in your daily diet. Not the iron you get from a steak or spinach, but the variety you get when you lift iron. I know you might think you’re getting enough, however allow me to dispel any myths that may be holding you back from getting your iron on.

Provided are the top 5 reasons you should add more iron into your fit momma lifestyle.

Reason 1. More muscle means less fat.

If you’re still lifting the same amount of weights from when you first picked up a dumbbell/barbell, yet you are not making any real progress in fat loss, here’s the answer: You have gotten stronger. You see the body you want is not with the little 3-5lb dumbbells that you‘ve been hanging out with for the past 6 months. If you increase the amount of resistance you lift, you send out a signal that you need more muscle to complete the task. This in turn tells your body that the muscle needs to be fed in order to maintain itself. In order to maintain itself your body has to utilize its fuel sources. This means the carbs, fat and protein are better shuttled around like tourist on a trip to NY. All this improved shuttling is what an increased metabolism becomes. The fat is used to offset your body breaking down the protein. The carbs are sent to the muscles to prepare them for the upgraded changes you’ve created. The protein goes straight to repairing the muscles. Weight training has been proven to speed up your metabolic rate. Faster metabolism means faster fat loss when turns into a sleeker, leaner and sexier you.

Reason 2. Lifting weights shapes the body better than cardio alone.

Do you want a booty that’s high and tight like its defying the laws of gravity? Do you want arms that don’t wave twice (turkey triceps) when you wave hello? How about abs that are as flat as a newly paved street? Then you need to up the intensity in the weight room. If you only have 30 minutes in the gym then that time is better spent strength training than just playing the cardio bunny. A high intensity strength training session does more to shape up your body than the 45 minutes of slow burning walking and talking you’re doing which takes much longer and leads to disenchantment and loss of drive. A basic formula of squats/lunges/dumbbell bench press/dumbbell rows/shoulder press / triceps extensions/bicep curls/ abs crunches will get you right and keep you ahead of the pack like it’s nobody’s business. Your friends will think you’ve discovered some secret formula.

Reason 3. Lift heavier once to twice a week will boost results.

A message to you 5lb dumbbell lifters: You got stronger than those weights within the first two weeks, if you were consistently lifting them. By lifting more in the 8-12 rep range you are giving yourself an opportunity to fully express just how capable you are. By occasionally lifting heavier you make your body adapt to the changes which means the environment to change your physique for the better is regularly stimulated. Don’t get stuck in a routine for too long. A well- structured training program should always have adaptations included so that you are consistently and continually advancing. This means you should try pushing to where it becomes difficult to complete more than 8-12 reps. Make sure beautiful reader that you have a spotter ready just in case you need a little push to get through.

Reason 4. A stronger body is a more confident spirit.

Here’s a familiar scenario. There’s a jar of low sodium tomato sauce and you need to open and no one else is around to open it. Are you going to wait for your significant other to open it or get pissed and knife it open? If you‘re the self-confident and self –assured and living the fit momma lifestyle then you pop that bad boy off like it’s no big thing! Having more “muscle for the hustle” makes daily tasks seem much easier when you have the body to handle it. Tossing groceries (watch the eggs)? No problem. Pulling that window open? Piece of cake. Chasing down your kids when they get hyped up? Watch them get tired trying to keep up with you! Let’s not forget the boudoir. A sexier , tighter, body makes for a momma who is not at all shy in getting what she wants and can keep her significant other on their toes (literally and figuratively as well). I just read an email from a female client’s husband thanking me for his wife’s renewed spark in life. He says that ever since she started seeing results she’s more open to communication and more willing to explore new things in their marriage. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination but suffice to say if lifting weights did it for them then just imagine what your experience will be like.

Reason 5. Slow down the aging process.

Them bones, them bones-  the dry bones. As you age and gravity makes it presence felt – pumping iron becomes a necessity. Lifting strengthens the bones and improves bone density. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of the aging process and be a super fit grand momma don’t hesitate to start pumping iron.

If you have any questions regarding how to add iron to your daily routine please contact Tarik on his website He’s always more than happy to help those who need guidance .

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