Transforming With Tarik: Fat Loss Vs. Weight Loss

August 25, 2013  |  

Some of you are asking yourselves – “aren’t fat loss and weight loss the same thing?” The answer – yes and no. What I’m going to share with you will set you free from the self-doubt and discouraging emotions that occur when you attempt to shed those unwanted pounds and take your lifestyle to the next level. But first I would like to apologize. On behalf of the entire fitness industry I’d like to apologize for the misleading info and half-truths that you’ve been fed over the years. You’ve been lied to, mislead, had the wool pulled over your eyes and practically sold a line of nonsense with a straight face.

There are fitness instructors who don’t believe that you truly want to lose weight, so during consultations they will tell you what you want to hear versus the truth. We promote products, routines and supplements that say they’ll help you lose “weight”.  However, the truth is – you really need to lose just the fat.  I promise you this, out of respect for you and the TRUTH. FAT loss is not the same as WEIGHT loss. I’ve heard the stories and they have an all too familiar ending. You know someone whose gone on an extreme diet and lost 20 -30 lbs in two weeks by following the tuna fish, master cleanse, watermelon, secret juice plan. This same person touts this as the final solution only to see the weight rapidly return when they end whatever extreme plan they were on. Why did that happen you ask? You see that person lost weight, but honestly didn’t lose the majority as fat. Weight loss is defined as just that WEIGHT loss. When you adopt the strategy of extreme dieting your body determines that all energy sources will be used to keep the body going. Your body doesn’t care that you want to look hot for the beach or in that dress. Your body is only concerned about one thing, survival. Extreme diets send out a signal to utilize all your bodies tissues to be used as fuel to keep systems operational. These systems mean your brain, heart, lungs and all your major organs. This means while you lose fat you also lose water and muscle as well. So when you go on an extreme diet your body cannibalizes the thing you need most (muscle) just to keep you going. I’ve often said that weight loss is a ridiculously goal to achieve. If I stuck you in a room and fed you nothing but dried fruit and water for two to three weeks you’d see weight loss. I’m sure if I took you out that room you’d proceed to gorge on whatever you got your hands on. The weight would return in no time. That’s because your body responds to a post starvation mode by ramping up the signal of hunger due to the fact it assumes that you were starving to death.

When it comes to fat loss the outcome is a much different tale. Let’s say I take the same individual and increased their activity via strength training and cardio. Translation: weight training and aerobics. While I did this I balanced out their eating so it would look like this: 50% protein 40 % carbs 10% fat. Lets say I also had that same person drinking at least 64 fluid ounces of water a day. If I had that person for three weeks under solid guidance they would lose inches in all the right areas and be able to maintain consistent FAT loss while retaining muscle. Did I forget t mention how much healthier and sexier that person would be? Now if I keep that person on the same program and make changes throughout the duration of 10-12 weeks do you know what happens? That’s right, more fat loss which means more inches lost and an even healthier, happier, and sexier person. It’s a fact that sudden rapid weight loss with no plan on how to keep the results always results in regaining the “weight” you lost and then some. If you want the fat to leave like the drunken person at a house party then you’re going to have to coax it out with steady consistent pressure. That steady pressure comes in the form of these simple rules.

1. Eat more protein

2. Increase or add more resistance training to your exercise routine.

3. Add more fiber to your diet

4. Drink at least 72oz of water a day.

5. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night Stick with those rules and I guarantee the fat will virtually melt off like as if it was never there.

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Celebrity Fitness Trainer, trainer of trainers, controversial, out spoken, engaging, athlete; these are just a few words to describe fitness juggernaut: Tarik Tyler. From his articles in Vogue, Allure to numerous TV appearances on VH-1 and Style Network to his most notable work with Shaquille Oneal on ABC Networks ‘Shaq’s Big Challenge’ this powerhouse of fitness has a career that spans over two decades.

From New York to Los Angeles, his work on the health and fitness of adults, children, celebrities and athletes can best be described as game changing. He has worked with celebrity clientele; Tracey Morgan, Kate Hudson, Tiffany Theissen, Lindsay Price and Tomiko Fraser-Hines. 

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