Birth Certificate or Not, It Will Never Be Enough

April 28, 2011  |  

by Mo Kelly

I was both shocked and dismayed to see that President Obama made any effort whatsoever to reveal his birth certificate.  Mind you, another birth certificate, just as authentic and legal as the short form seen heretofore by everyone.  It’s disappointing in an innumerable ways.

Some say this finally puts to rest any question of his natural born citizenship status.  Others might argue (as has the president) that this removes unnecessary distractions, which have prevented America from concentrating on the more important issues.

The reality is that neither is true.

It doesn’t matter President Obama revealed “another” birth certificate, because the non believers and disbelievers were never in any way concerned about facts or truth.  If they were, the State of Hawaii would have been enough to put their hearts at ease long ago.

Although Arizona Senator John McCain was born on a 10-mile stretch of U.S. property in Central America, there was never doubt from Birthers of the legitimacy of his citizenship or the authenticity of his birth certificate after the fact.  They were more comfortable believing that the man born down in the Central American region was more “American” than the man born in Hawaii…meaning, in America.

This was never about any birth certificate.  In fact, the conversation has already turned to whether President Obama was worthy of receiving an Ivy League education, despite the fact that we already know George W. Bush was not.

There was never any legitimate question as to President Obama’s citizenship status and this latest revelation will do nothing to dissuade this “element” in America from seeking other weapons of mass distraction in which to busy themselves and our president.

Even as we speak, the Birther movement has already questioned the authenticity and timing of the document’s release.

It will never, ever be good enough.

President Obama must stop pacifying and elevating ignorance.  He should know better by now and not have fallen for the okie doke…again.

This is about obstruction, and the continuing effort to de-legitimize his administration.  Doing so legitimizes the previous disrespect of the office, the inexcusable racist rhetoric and vitriol. We should be smart enough to recognize the various iterations of this insanity over the past 4 years.  I would rather the President call it for what it is, really chastise and check America for her indefensible behavior.  He should get something out of this too, not just the people who still think the world is flat and or that Jim Crow is still in effect.

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