Transforming With Tarik: Why Is Exercise Considered A Chore?

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When you woke up this morning, I’m sure you followed your usual routine. I bet your preset morning went like this: you got a shower, then you got dressed, ate breakfast, and got the kids ready for school (or not). Now, we’ve all got a number of daily rituals that consume parts of our day, so our lives resemble some level of normalcy. But the question I want to ask is – was exercise a part of that routine? Probably not.

To many, exercise is an ugly necessity. It’s like being told to take out the trash. Yet unlike taking out the trash, regular daily exercise has incredible benefits in regards to extending your life, fighting disease, lifting you out of depression and not to mention all the so-called vain reasons for wanting to look your best.

The “chore” of keeping yourself healthy and fit has roots in people’s attitudes towards physical tasks that don’t serve a direct purpose towards one’s imminent life or death struggles. Think back to our less industrialized time on Earth where we were required to farm, hunt, fish and build our own homes and consider that we had to do these things because they were part of our need to survive. Now fast forward to the present and all the modern human conveniences and humankind has worked itself into a lethargic state. When’s the last time you had to hunt for lunch or dinner?

Now ask me whether I’d rather mop the kitchen floor or go lift weights and I’ll be half way to the gym before the answer reaches your ears. It’s the mindset based on personal mythology and hearsay that contributes to a person’s thoughts on getting regular exercise. Mythology will tell you that exercise takes too much effort. The reality is that regular exercise allows you to do other tasks with much less effort. Hearsay will have you believe your less-than-fit friends when they say that you’re okay with skipping a few workouts to go out drinking a few nights a week. The reality is that taking advice on fitness from people who don’t have a healthy lifestyle is the same as taking relationship advice from single people. Loving yourself enough that you want the best body you can have isn’t a chore; it’s called personal development and that’s something we call could use a lot of.

Celebrity Fitness Trainer, trainer of trainers, controversial, out spoken, engaging, athlete; these are just a few words to describe fitness juggernaut: Tarik Tyler. From his articles in Vogue, Allure to numerous TV appearances on VH-1 and Style Network to his most notable work with Shaquille Oneal on ABC Networks ‘Shaq’s Big Challenge’ this powerhouse of fitness has a career that spans over two decades.

From New York to Los Angeles, his work on the health and fitness of adults, children, celebrities and athletes can best be described as game changing. He has worked with celebrity clientele; Tracey Morgan, Kate Hudson, Tiffany Theissen, Lindsay Price and Tomiko Fraser-Hines. 

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