The 5 Benefits Of Ratchet Rap Music

May 3, 2013  |  

I’m not a medical doctor, but, if I was, I would certainly be disbarred for the following thoughts.

I feel there are benefits to listening to ‘ratchet’ type music. Hear me out…

You know what ratchet is, right? Sad to say, its the newest word for ignorance. Now, I know this seemingly contradicts my previous story about what parents can do about debauchery in music. But, this article is geared towards adults on the verge of losing their ever-loving minds. I know some of you are with me.

With that said, I have compiled a short list of benefits that lurk within ratchet music.


Certain songs when blasted loud, can help to release the stress of your day. For instance, when working out, why not burn those hard to shake calories while listening to some Hip-Hop. You have seen the dude in the car with the suit on screaming? He’s probably listening to Waka Flocka or something after being brutalized by his high-paying, ultra-professional job.


I am a chronic over thinker. “Did I do this right or wrong? Why is this like that?” I remain in analytic mode every waking moment. And, I happen to be a night owl and an early bird at the same time. When in that frame of mind, I cue up Ace Hood with a side of Future. Their song “My Bugatti” was godsend at one point. But, it wasn’t ratchet enough. I almost immediately started to ponder, “Why did he wake up in a new Bugatti? Was he drunk? Does he not have a home? And why does Futures voice sound so harsh when he’s a little guy?” So, I had to put on some Rick Ross. Recently though, it has been difficult, because some of these ratchet artists touch upon matters they need to leave alone, like Lil Wayne when he talked about Emmett Till. Put the knowledge down. Proper ratchet music truly shouldn’t be offensive.


Rappers and singers exaggerate their lifestyles. Moreover, corporations that are behind them support the farce by providing them the visuals, rentals and faux custom made jewels fit for a dream. With all those tools, the rapper beds the finest looking women in the universe and is happy. The women don’t nag and they don’t care about being objectified. Those songs are like mini-movies. Its not real, but you can make it real and just get away from your own life through the fake life of another.


“Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a b***h?” No. Not if you take in some ratchet music. Just about everybody is going through it, one way or another. Hell, even Beyonce is a bit stressed out. Guess what she did after all the controversy with the inauguration and whatever? She went and made “Bow Down.” But, if you didn’t know…THAT’S RATCHET AT ITS FINEST! Beyonce couldn’t take it no more and she had to release the stress, before she started snatching wigs off these chicks. I recommend the same for the average layperson. Listen to ratchet music.  Live though the ratchet rapper. You cannot slap the fire out of your co-worker, so why not do it through music? Rap has been accused of causing violence, but with sane, rational people…it stops it. You will feel better.


Believe it or not, the National Institutes of Health revealed a study that showed that rap music (not specifically the ratchet sort) causes bursts of creative energy. The music of the streets specifically lets you release ideas freely without second guessing yourself. Freestyle. There is something to be said about music that requires little thought, but that natural spark of innate talent. Its basically why wack is the new fresh in 2013. So, when I am writing or working at, I often get these urges and I can put something together in one stream of consciousness.

What are your favorite ratchet songs that help you beat stress?

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