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April 2, 2013  |  

Whether you’re work for a top corporation, are in business for yourself, or CEO of Stay at Home Mom, Inc., there’s no question you know stress. Your brain begins going crazy, you tend to get forgetful and the headaches start. When you’re feeling a little drained or stressed out, know that it’s time to step aside and exercise your mind.

Project Control
Take short breaks. Yes, it disrupts your work, but it also gets the blood circulating. You might also want to divide larger projects into smaller doable tasks. This allows you to focus on more short-term achievable goals while steadily working to complete longer projects.

Yoga Time-Out
Relax with yoga even while sitting at a desk. Fitness expert JP Pennyfeather recommends a simple move called the simple torso twist. Sit in a chair and begin to breathe deeply. As you exhale, twist slowly towards the right and keep your head and shoulders relaxed. Twist as far as you feel comfortable. Hold the back corner of the chair and stay in the pose for 5 seconds. Unwind slowly and switch side.

Two-Minute Visionary Fantasy
According to client services counselor Dr. Asha Sutton, if you find that you are daydreaming, put parameters around your daydreaming. For example, you might say, I will allow myself to daydream for two minutes. After the two minutes, make a conscious effort to refocus your mind on the tasks at hand. This technique is less about depriving yourself of daydreaming and more about controlling how long you mind wanders.

Keep the Communication Flowing
Organization is not only a great way to clear out the unnecessary things in your office but in your head. Make it a point to respond immediately to e-mails that require relatively little energy. For example, if someone asks you about your availability for a meeting answer it and move on. Don’t mark the email for a response at a later time.

Nutritious and Satisfying
Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Sometimes, stress causes people to not only eat more but eat more fatty foods which can make you feel drained. To ease the stress, try B Vitamins. B Vitamins plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy mental attitude. B1 can help stabilize mood and improve memory and concentration says Desi K. Robinson, health and lifestyle journalist and educator.

In order to have a successful business or career, it starts with you. Taking care of your body is essential to yourself, your family and your work!

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