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As a part of my New Year’s resolution to not only lose weight, but to also lead a healthy lifestyle, I’ll be doing a 30-day juicing reboot. This is phase one of my journey back to health and my pre-baby body. For 30 days I’ll be juicing nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables in efforts to cleanse and reprogram my body. For the next 30-days my life will be an open book. Get a recap of week 1.

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve started my 30-day reboot.  I have to admit that this has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done. The willpower it takes to cook food for your family everyday and not partake of it cannot be described in words.  Here’s a rundown of my juice reboot days 5-11.

Day 5

The fifth day was pretty rough. I bought a piece of crap juicer before I started my reboot that wasn’t yielding enough juice.  Because I wasn’t getting enough juice, I didn’t have the energy I would normally have during a juice fast. Contrary to popular belief, you can still have tons of energy while juicing. Drinking enough juice and drink water ensures that you have more than enough energy to make through your day.

I ended up having  to juice way too many vegetables and fruits just to get enough juice for the day. No bueno.

Day 6

I was really tired. I had so much to do, but I sat around the house. Eventually, I made it out the door. While out, I bought a new juicer. I bought a Breville, a top of the line juicer used in the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. It cost me $150 bucks, but it is worth every penny. It yields so much juice and has a spout large enough to fit a whole apple or orange. Needless to say, I came home and used it immediately. I absolutely love my new juicer.

Day 7- 11

To be honest, day seven through eleven are a blur to me.  I’ve been trying to not really focus on the days because it just seems to make my time go by so much slower. I can say that during that timeframe I realized that I wasn’t getting enough sleep and that was contributing to me feeling tired even when I had enough juice. Since my discovery, I am now in bed by nine or ten o’clock. I find that I am waking with a ton of energy and no longer need a nap in the middle of my day.

Let‘s talk about weight loss

I am certain that I’ve lost weight, but I have no idea how much.  What I do know is I’ve been walking around looking homely because my pants are sagging off of me. I don’t want to weigh myself because I don’t want to be focused on that. This is about health for me. I’d be an absolute liar if I said that I wasn’t super excited about my weight loss. I am just trying to  keep the focus on what truly important- health.  If I had to guess how much I’ve lost I’d have to say between 10-12 pounds.

This weekend I will begin adding exercise to my day.  I won’t be doing anything strenuous like Insanity. Instead, I’ll be using my ‘Walk the Pounds Away’ DVD. It’s a light walking DVD that won’t sap all my energy.  It is important for me to get moving in these last weeks so that my body is used to working out

Favorite Juice

I have discovered the power of beets! Beets are delicious and actually have a sweet taste to them.  My favorite juice is what I’d like to call “Beet Street”:

 Beet Street recipe

1 beet

2 carrots

½ apple

½ lemon

It is absolutely delicious and it is a great juice for cleansing your blood.

Final Thoughts

 Though tough, I am enjoying this juice reboot.  I feel my body detoxing and I can sense a change in my mindset. I have cravings, but they are for healthy foods.  I’ve never missed a salad so much in my life.  Not only am I detoxing, but I’m also creating a new habit and learning discipline, which are both important for life post the reboot.

I feel like a new me is on the horizon. A healthier, happier new me. I can’t even tell you have amazing that feels.

Until next week, ladies.


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