30-Day Juicing Reboot Update: Week 1

January 14, 2013  |  

Today is day five of my 30-day juice reboot.  The first four days have been a bit challenging, but I am doing well. Here’s a rundown of my reboot experience from day-to-day.

Day One

The first day of my reboot had a shaky start.  I was juicing my first juice of the day and I accidentally popped a few grapes in my mouth. It was at that moment that I realized that many times I ate, not because I was hungry, but out of reflex. Later that day my son asked me for a bagel. Before I knew it, I had taken a bite of the bagel. It was in my mouth for a millisecond when I realized, again, that I was supposed to be juicing. I immediately spit out the bagel. I am not going to lie though, I enjoyed every moment that cinnamon raisin bagel was in my mouth.

Day Two

The second day of my reboot was easier in some ways and harder in others. It was easier than the day before because it had been a full 24-hours and I had somewhat adjusted to not putting food in my mouth. It was harder because I was very tired. The first couple days of the reboot are the hardest physically because your body is beginning the detox and this change shocks the body.  I had so much to do, but not enough energy to do it. It was frustrating, but I knew it was a part of the rebooting process so I took a nap and got on with my day.

Day Three

The third day was very challenging as well. I still was tired, but I had so much to do. I started to get headaches. Again, these are all a part of the detox. I drank water and they went away. I also found a health food store nearby that had a juice bar in it. I went inside and ordered 32 ounces of green juice.

Day Four

The fourth day was much easier than the first three.  I was pretty much used to not eating and my energy began to return. The only issue I had was with the new juicer I bought. I realized that it was a piece of junk. I could load a half-ton of vegetables and fruits and it would only render a swig of juice. I’m going to return it and invest in a Breville juicer, which is the best of the best when it comes to juicers.

My thoughts overall

 The most challenging part of this entire reboot is still having to cook meals for my family every day. It takes out-of-this-world discipline  to prepare a delicious dinner and not be able to eat it. I don’t know what it is about juicing, but my sense of smell is heightened and that only makes preparing dinner worse. I can smell every single, solitary ingredient I used to make dinner. That’s hard.  One night I made my family spaghetti and meatballs. The aroma of the spaghetti sauce was so powerful that I could almost taste it. I can’t tell you how bad I wanted to lick one of those meatballs  before I put them on my kid’s plate. It. Was. So. Hard. But, I lived to tell the tale.

During these last couple days I decided that I don’t want to this be focused on weight loss. Everyday I wake up and look in the mirror I can see that I am getting smaller and smaller. This can be very distracting. I don’t want to focus on being skinny or wondering what size I’ll be when I finish. Those thoughts seemed to consume my mind for most of the day. Instead I want to focus on rebooting my body, soul, and mind. I probably won’t weigh myself again until the reboot is finished. Along with my body transformation, I feel a spiritual transformation. There’s nothing like not eating that can bring you closer to God. It is through prayer and reading the Bible that I am able to stay on track.

All in all, I am still excited about it. I’m learning so much about myself and I’m also breaking my addiction to unhealthy foods. Until next week.



Words: Briana McCarthy

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