How To Keep Your Kids From Walking In On You During a “Quickie”

January 31, 2013  |  

Sex is a beautiful thing. It’s like medicine. It will cure whatever ails you. Got a headache? Stressed out? Some good loving will knock that RIGHT out. There’s nothing like having kids that can hamper a previously active and adventurous sex life.

Many suggest that to keep a sex drive healthy with your husband, date nights and vacays are a must.  Let’s face it though: not everyone can afford a getaway and quiet frankly, you shouldn’t have to wait till date night to do the “do”.  Am I right or am I right?  Spontaneity is what keeps things interesting. It keeps us intrigued.  We can’t let kids totally demolish that.

 Here are a few tips to help you get your groove on without interruption:

Let me preface my advice by saying that the tips I’m going to share are only going to bide you a little time; 20-30 minutes tops. These tips are for quickies and not an all day love fest. Get my drift? Do what you gotta do and keep it moving. There won’t be time for laying up.

Now the obvious advice would be to do the do when your kids are taking a nap or down for the night. Of course that works, but what happens if you’re flame gets sparked while the kids are wide awake? In that case, it is time to be creative.

Turn on their favorite TV show

Is there a particular show that holds your child’s attention?  I mean holds them absolutely captive. So much so that when you are calling their name they totally ignore you? Whatever that show is, DVR it and have it ready for playtime between you and the hubby. Get your little one their favorite stuff animal or blanket, press play and go handle your business.

Get them their favorite treat

 What is your child’s favorite snack or treat? My kids LOVE smoothies.  I make them each a tall glass full of their favorite smoothie, which keeps them occupied for at least 25-30 minutes.

 Send them on a wild goose chase

 My kids are at the age where they want to be helpful. They feel a sense of pride when they help mommy or daddy.  If I’m looking for something they will join me in my search and won’t give up until they help me find whatever it is that I’m looking for. Ask your child to go find something for you… preferably something that isn’t easy to find or doesn’t exist at all. That will give you at least 20 minutes.

Feel free to combine any of the suggestions above (Watching their favorite show while eating their favorite snack) for maximum results. And if that doesn’t work, lock your bedroom door and try to be as quiet as possible.

What say you? Do you have any tips or tricks to keep your kids occupied for a quickie? Do tell. 

Briana McCarthy is a digital journalist, lifestyle, beauty and culture writer, blogger, speaker, social media strategist, and an advocate for special needs children. Check out her blog at and follow her on Twitter @themanesource.

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