I’m Not Fighting That War! What to Do When Your Children Refuses to Wear Clothes!

November 27, 2012  |  

I started this foolishness. Exactly one month ago I went into the store and bought my two year old son a new pair of pajamas. They were of his favorite cartoon, The Justice League, and they were perfect because they would keep him warm during this chilly winter weather. From the moment I got them off the rack, he squealed with joy and clutched them like his little life depended on them. I got him home and attempted to wash them, when my little man had a fit. Not just a simple cry but a full ‘fall out in the middle of the floor’ screaming fit. I managed to get them washed, but as soon as they were dry he was right there at the dryer wanting to put them on. Little did I know that from that day on my son would refuse to take off these pajamas. I have to literally peel them off of him to get him dressed for school or to wash them. Things have gotten so bad that I sometimes have to hide the pajamas from him just to give them a break. Unknowingly I thought I was just buying him some more sleep wear- not starting World War III over a pair of pajamas!

After weeks of endless ‘meltdowns and temper tantrums’ over these undergarments, I was exhausted. If I managed to take them off, he somehow managed to grab and drag them everywhere he went.  I didn’t want to see these undergarments anymore and I seriously considered giving them away- just for my sanity. Then one morning as I drove to work , I happened to glance over at my son (still clutching on to his pajamas) and I thought to myself, “Why am I getting angry about him REALLY liking something I bought him?”  When I like a new nail polish, lip gloss or pair of shoes, don’t I wear them daily until I am tired of them? In  that 30 minute drive to his school I decided that I was tired of fighting a battle that didn’t matter.

So what if he wanted to wear his pajamas everywhere as long as they were clean? So what if he had to clutch them on the way into school to make him feel comfortable? He’s a healthy child who acts ‘right’ (most of the time), so at that moment I gave up the fight of trying to get my child to stop wearing his pajamas everywhere. Almost suddenly, a cloud of stress disappeared form my psyche. Now, he wears them when we go out to eat, to his friend’s house and sometimes even outside to play. Occasionally I’m able to pry them from his hands for church or school, but when he refuses to take them off- I just deal with it.

Yes, it’s embarrassing when I get stares from people without children who look at me like I was too lazy to get my child dressed. However, I always get the sympathetic glances from fellow moms who already know my struggle. Sometimes they say something that makes me laugh while other times they simply point at their children dressed in costumes they refuse to take off and instantly we share a moment of understanding.

In the end, being a mom we have to deal with a lot of stresses, but I refuse to lose my mind due to a pair of Justice League pajamas. Now my MommyNoire family, have you dealt with this in your household?

Words By: Franchesca Lane-Warren

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