Train Wreck: The Houston’s: Dig It or Ditch It?

November 6, 2012  |  

In the age of reality TV the Houston’s have joined the trendy list of families who are volunteering to give America an insider’s account of what’s happening in their day to day lives. The question is, does America care and is it too soon? What happened to people mourning in peace without being on display for all the world to see? I for one am going on a Reality TV strike in honor of my singing superhero, Whitney Houston. I’m not going to watch for several reasons but primarily it’s because I feel it further encourages the shameless disrespect of the woman’s life and death. You can’t help but think that cold hard cash is the motivator behind the show which will air on OWN.

Clips from The Houstons: On Our Own reveal a family who witnessed and endured firsthand the singer’s tragic descent into drugs and chaos but clearly never expected such an untimely end. Do we really need to be reminded? I don’t think so, it’s virtually impossible to forget.

Using Whitney’s melodic and now haunting voice as background music, the 14-part series opens with the family visiting the singer’s grave this past Mother’s Day. Nineteen-year-old Bobbi Kristina, Houston ’s only child, is seen sipping an alcoholic beverage and leaning heavily on her unofficially adopted brother-turned-fiancé, Nick Gordon. Sounds like a train wreck from the opening scene.

Now that she’s gone, her family appears to have no idea how to move forward and are unclear about what their Hollywood status is now. Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law, told Reuters that the show would help many understand who Whitney’s family really is. “There are preconceptions about the family that just aren’t true,” she said. “We are a strong family, a working family, and a typical family. Our family member just happens to be an icon.”

“This is a family desperate to stay in the forefront and desperate for cash to stay there,” said a family member who asked not to be identified. “I don’t think Cissy wanted to do any of this, but she needed the money. The other family members need the money but also want to be seen and be stars.”

The Houston ’s appear to be lost without Whitney and it doesn’t look like they will be found anytime in the near future. Let’s hope Bobbi Kristina can handle the pressure.

MommyNoire readers, will you watch The Houston’s or will they be on their own?

Words By: Sid Powell

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