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For most mothers, the moment you find out you are pregnant is the beginning of a quest for knowledge. From online pregnancy sites to well-known books like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, we consume every bit of information we can find about how our bodies will change and how our unborn child is developing from month-to-month. We even attend classes on breastfeeding, birthing, and general care.

For some mothers, the quest for knowledge ends after delivery. This shouldn’t be. There is so much information that we need to know about our little bundles of joy to ensure that he or she is on track developmentally.

I’ll be honest and say I was all over the developmental milestones up until my child started walking and uttering a few phrases. He was walking and seemed to be talking well so I was out of the woods. Or, so I thought. It wasn’t until I took another look at some developmental sites that I noticed that there were some important milestones that hadn’t been reached.

Today we’ll share the important newborn developmental milestones from month one to year one so you can track whether or not your child is developing as they should:

Month 1

Baby can lift head while on tummy
Stares at faces
Responds to sounds

Month 2

Baby begins to coo and gurgle
Holds head up for brief periods
Follows objects across field of vision
Notices hands

Month 3

Begins to visually track moving objects
Identifies your face and scent of parents
Holds up steadily

Month 4

Responds by cooing when you talk to them
Can bear weight on legs
Begins to smile and laugh

Month 5

Begins to play with hands and feet
Becomes aware of bright colors

Month 6

Begins to imitate sounds
Can now roll over in both directions
Turns head in the direction of sounds

Month 7

Can sit up without support
Begins to pull or drag objects to themselves
Begins to experience “stranger anxiety”

Month 8

Can pass objects from hand to hand
(Though it isn’t specific) Begins to say “mama” or “dada”

Month 9

Begins to comprehend the permanence of objects
Combine syllables in their baby talk
Stands while holding on to a steady object

Month 10

Begins to crawl
Picks up small items with their pincher grasp
Waves goodbye

Month 11

Begins to cruise furniture
Can stand alone for a few moments
Says “dada” or “mama” to the correct parent

Month 12

Uses gestures to express their wants
Begins to imitate others
Take a few steps
Besides “mama” and “dada” their first word emerges

While every child develops differently, these are some of the general developmental signs that surface during specific timeframes. If you believe your child is not reaching these developmental milestones as they should, please contact your child’s physician.

Stay tuned for the developmental milestones for children from 13 months to 3 years old.

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