An Open Letter To Dog People

July 30, 2015  |  


Dear Dog People,

I have to admit that I admire your ability to be able to love and cherish for another living thing.  It’s admirable that you voluntarily allow your beloved pet an open space for them to live and thrive.  But, can I be honest with you?  Could you keep that love between the two of you?

Now, I’m not saying that just because I’m a cat person (and I definitely am).  I’m saying this because once the nice weather hits, people have been letting Fido, Cujo, Lassie, Scooby Doo, and any other name you want to give your dog, run around the world, leash free, as if they don’t have to inhabit it with other people.

I understand that you love your dog, but I would like to let you know that everyone else doesn’t.  Though you believe that your dog is a treasure in your life, he’s not in mine.  He/she can come off as a threat to someone else.

The reason for this letter is due to the stupid pit bull that one of my neighbors continue to let run loose in the freakin’ neighborhood.  If the dog was nice, maybe I wouldn’t have been so annoyed, but when he runs up on me and my child, barking, my motherly-divine-right-to-protect-my-child-by-any-means-necessary kick in, and that dog was in more danger than he realized.

This letter is also inspired by the people who walk their dogs on the sidewalk, with six feet worth of slack in the leashes, and don’t say anything when the dog begins to invade the personal space of other people.

This letter is written for the amazing fire fighter that risks his life to save people in peril, but won’t watch his freakin’ dog as he runs in the neighborhood.  Or when the dog hears a group of children and runs on private property to try to find them.

It’s terrifying, okay?

You might feel as though you know what your dog is capable of, but I don’t.  In all honesty, you probably don’t either.  Unless you’re David Berkowitz, I doubt that you and your dog have been having intense conversations about how he sees and judges strangers.  You can only guess what your dog is capable of, but you don’t truly know.  The general public doesn’t, and when a four legged animal is racing toward you, barking, ears pinned back, I’m not going to be happy about it.

Once you chase him down, it doesn’t make me feel better when you encourage me to “pet him,” so he can get used to me.  I don’t want to get used to your dog.  The only dogs I want to get used to is the future Labrador retriever  I plan to get my daughter when we move, and the hotdogs I like to eat.  Okay?

So until then, please keep your canine friends to yourselves.

Once again, we appreciate that you’re adopting and caring for these animals, but I don’t need them sniffing me and my daughter, or finding their way into my backyard, or running up on us while we go for a walk in the neighborhood.

I thank you for your assistance in advance.

Signed (forever cat person/future dog owner),

Kendra Koger

(Dictated, not read)

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