8 Misconceptions About Sex Even Adults Have

July 15, 2015  |  
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You’d hope that after having several sexual partners, maybe even being married or having children, adults would know all the ins and outs of sex. But plenty of grown-ups have these misconceptions about sex.

Pulling out works

Unfortunately, I have friends in committed relationships who use the pullout method and only the pullout method. Some people no longer want to use condoms because they, along with their partners, have both tested clean, and they have some aversion to the pill and other methods of birth control.

It doesn’t work

A man’s penis releases a little sperm in the vagina before full ejaculation. And if a man pulls out slowly, sperm left on the edge of the vagina can get inside and impregnate the woman.

Men think about sex every 12 seconds

Some of your favorite movies as a teen may have told you that men think about sex every few seconds—that they can barely look around a room without thinking about it.

They have more on their minds

More than 40 percent of men only think about sex a few times a month or a few times a week. A small percentage of men think of sex only about once a month.

Condoms: the tighter, the better

It’s true your partner’s penis shouldn’t be taking a leisurely swim inside of that condom. For this reason, you might think buying tight condoms is the way to go.

Get the condom that is the right fit

A condom that is too tight, however, will experience too much friction during intercourse and could rip. Not to mention, you want a little space at the top for the man to ejaculate into.

Older men last longer

Many people believe young guys are still so inexperienced and so excited to be having sex, in general, that they ejaculate quickly.

The opposite is true

Actually, men 18 to 30 last an average of 6.5 minutes, but men over 51 last only 4.3 minutes. Wearing a condom did not make a difference.

Blondes have more sex

You may have heard some vague studies that claimed men prefer blondes. They might have said something about blondes appearing younger and more fertile. Many concluded from this that blondes have more sex and more partners (and more fun).

Love for all types

There is actually no proof that blondes have any more sex than brunettes or women with any other hair color. And the studies that found men prefer blondes were very small studies and took place in areas where blondes were rare.

Bigger boobs are less sensitive

Some men complain that they can either be with a woman with small boobs who appreciates what they do to said boobs in the bedroom, or they enjoy a woman with enormous boobs who can’t feel anything in their breast tissue. Some believe there is too much tissue in the way between the skin and nerves of women with larger breasts, keeping them from feeling much of anything.

Size doesn’t matter

There is actually no correlation between the size of the breast and the sensitivity of it.

Sex is amazing exercise

You’re all sweaty and exhausted after a good session in the sack, so you might believe sex is great exercise. Not to mention, your friend who is in incredible shape claims to have sex all the time.

You’re not having that kind of sex

You’d have to have sex for half an hour to even burn 100 calories. But you’ll recall that many people are only having sex for about 4 to 6 minutes. If they’re going longer, the sex is probably not intense enough to burn a lot of calories.

Women hit their sexual peak later

You see so-called “cougars” in movies depicted as having these insatiable sexual appetites, leaving their husbands for younger men. And people say that men peak in their 20s while women do so in their 40s or later.

There is no consistent peak

If you’re just talking about intercourse, studies have found women actually have the most sex in their late 20s and men have it most in their 30s and 40s. Based on that information, it’s actually men who peak later. But there are numbers related to oral sex and times of celibacy that make the “peak” age very hard to pin down for either gender.

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