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We’ve all been there – typing, hitting backspace, typing again and making sure not to put the destination email for fear of a mistaken send. The quest of the perfect email is no easy feat. From business pitches to cover letters, a lot of thought goes into writing a response-worthy email but there’s something that matters even past the words. The time.

I’ve always had this rule (not sure where it came from) that the best time to send an email was between 8 and 10am. I figured the 4:30 to 5:30pm emails rarely received a good look until the morning and I didn’t want to be buried under them. Now, real research give us the answers: send your email between 9 and 11am for the best chances of opening. (Ha! So I wasn’t far off.)

MailChimp, an email marketing company, found that the most emails were opened during these hours with less emails touched as the hours waned and 2 to 4am being a sort of “I will not open” zone. Understandably so.

Mailchimp’s research is beneficial to those who run newsletters and marketing campaigns and the every day sender alike.


And you might think it makes you look like an overachiever to correspond on the weekends. But that doesn’t mean the receiver will enjoy opening your messages on their off days. On Saturday and Sunday open rates drop to 8.5 percent.

One interesting fact about weekend open rates is that creatives and retail fields are more likely to peek into their inboxes on the weekend. But, don’t try this with government facilities as workers typically leave work in the building by Friday. It’s important to think about the type of person you are emailing as well as the time you send.

One last observation done by Yesware shows that out of 500,000 emails sent and 5,275 of these being sent on a weekend, the weekend sends received a 45.8 percent reply rate. Compare this to a 39.1 percent reply out of 525,742 emails sent on the weekdays and one can see earlier in the day and less busy days are most effective. Just like you are least likely to open an email when you are crazy busy (or really really trying to relax), so are most businesses.

When do you normally send out emails and will you be adjusting your method?

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