The Magic Date Number And More Surprising Facts About Relationships

July 13, 2015  |  
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How many dates do you need to go on before you fall in love? How can romantic comedies save your relationship? We dug up more than a few surprising facts about relationships that might change the way you see your significant other.

You Already Know If It’s Not Going To Work

Look at a picture of your significant other and write down all of the words that come to mind. If negative thoughts come faster than positive ones, your subconscious mind has known it’s not going to work for a while.

You Should Have Your Friends Hook You Up

You’re twice as likely to find a date through friends and family than on a dating site or at the club.

You Should Date Someone From Work

If it’s not against policy. Four out of 10 workplace romances end in marriage.

Most Breakups Happen In Spring

The second big breakup time is just before the holidays.

Watching Rom-Coms Strengthens Relationships

The next time he refuses to watch a “chick flick” with you, remind him that couples who watch rom-coms together stay together. This study found that couples who watch just five rom-coms together are 50 percent less likely to get divorced.

Your Brain May Dictate Your Number

Some people simply enjoy sex more than others. But recent studies have found that it all boils down to your brain. People with more partners tend to have more activity in the “sexual motivation” part of their brains.

Hunger Can Ruin Relationships

The next time you feel a fight brewing, fix a plate first. Hungry partners are much more likely to fight. Continue to skip meals and all of those hunger-related fights can even lead to a breakup.

Being Humble Helps Your Love Life

Have more than your fair share of self-confidence? It may be getting in the way of your relationships.

Marriage Is Becoming More Popular

Don’t believe all of the negative things you read about marriage. When one company looked at the receipts, they found that engagements actually went up — by two million — in just the two years that they studied.

Kisses Can Save Lives

Men who kiss their wives before they leave for work get into fewer car accidents, make more money, and live longer than married men who don’t.

There’s A Magic Date Number

It’s between six and eight: the number of dates most men need before they’re ready to enter into an exclusive relationship.

There’s Also A Magic Number For When You Will Break Up

If it’s just not going to work out, most couples break up three to five months into the relationship.

Birth Control Can Change Your Taste In Men

Has your taste in men changed? It could be because of your birth control. Women on the pill are more likely to be attracted to men with high testosterone levels and masculine characteristics than women who aren’t.

Sex With Your Significant Other Is A Great Workout

Each session burns as many calories as 30 minutes of jogging.

You And Your Partner Probably Share DNA

Birds of a feather flock together, and chances are, you and your partner probably share DNA. A recent study found that couples are 33 percent more likely to share DNA than two strangers picked at random.

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