15 Awkward Moments Between Your Husband And Your Parents

July 13, 2015  |  
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There is this awkward thing that happens when you marry someone: They instantly become family — whether they want to be or not. And most times people don’t know where the boundaries are. Your family might think certain walls have gone down that haven’t. Your partner might think certain things are appropriate now that really aren’t. Here are 15 awkward moments that might occur between your spouse and your parents.

Your dad gets a little too comfortable 

You visit your parents for the first time after getting married, and your dad thinks it’s totally okay to walk around in his boxers now that your husband is family.

When they put you in the same room

Your parents always knew you were having sex, but before marriage, they made you sleep in separate rooms when you’d visit. Now they condone you sleeping in the same room, which feels like they’re condoning you doing the deed.

Your husband and dad argue over the bill

When you and your partner weren’t married, your parents would always pay the bill when you went out for dinner. But now that you’re all family, your dad and husband might argue over who’s paying.

Your dad’s colonoscopy

Your dad is probably getting to be around that age where he needs his colonoscopy. If you and your husband happen to visit around the time your father is preparing for the procedure…a lot of information will be shared very fast.

The pregnancy talk

You tell your parents you’re trying to conceive. Now all they can think of is that you’re having lots and lots of sex.

When he borrows your dad’s underwear

You’re visiting your parents, and for some reason, your husband didn’t pack enough underwear for the trip. So your father tries to lend him some. Awkward much?

Meetings with the other parents

Your parents and his parents try so hard to be friends. It’s painful to watch.

When your parents get drunk

For some reason, the second you’re married to your man, your parents feel comfortable throwing back drinks in front of him. And sharing way too much.

When your mom asks your husband about his digestion

Your husband is in the bathroom for a long time, and your mom thinks it’s okay to ask him “How are things going in there?”

Your mom does your spouse’s laundry

And either sees the skid marks on your husband’s underwear or gets a waft of a smell that isn’t too pleasant…

Your dad washes your husband’s car

And your husband doesn’t know if that’s simply a nice gesture or a hint to do a better job of taking care of his vehicle.

Your husband accidentally kisses your mom

He goes in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He leans right. She leans left. That’s his right. Yikes!

Your husband and dad drink together

And your dad starts telling stories of his glory days when he was a player…

They exercise together

And your husband pretends he is tired after only 20 minutes because your dad was. Or your dad tries to push himself to keep up with your husband and it ends badly.

Your dad asks how business is

And your husband feels like your father wants a report on how well he is supporting you.

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