What Is Your Acne Telling You About Your Health?

July 7, 2015  |  
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Wouldn’t it be nice if you only had to control outside factors in order to have great skin? It would be great if you could just easily avoid polluted areas and greasy foods dripping down your chin, and maybe skip the greasy sunscreens. But, unfortunately, the source of your acne could be coming from within, and all the great beauty products in the world can’t treat what’s going on inside. So here are some things your acne might be telling you, depending on where it’s located on your body.

On the forehead above the eyebrows

Letting your eyebrows grow out to cover up the zits on top of them? You can eliminate them. Acne here is usually a sign of too much fat in your diet or not enough water.



Right between the eyes: part I

This can feel like a bulls eye that everyone sees! This is usually the part of your skin that acts up if you’re consuming a food allergen. Even if you’re not lactose intolerant, too much dairy can cause issues here, too.


Right between the eyes: part II

This is also where liver issues appear. If you’re hitting the booze too hard, back off. Eat some detoxifying foods like leafy greens and include lemon in your diet.




Acne on your upper or lower back could mean you eat too much fried or high-calorie food. It could also be a sign of sleep deprivation.





Butt cheeks

Butt pimples are the worst, especially if you like teeny tiny bikini bottoms. These can be a sign of a poor diet, or too much spicy food.






Around the eyes

Acne around the sides of your eyes can be a sign of kidney issues. Time to pound water!






On the bridge of your nose

Having pimples on the bridge of your nose can make you feel like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! But it can be helped. Acne here is often a sign of high cholesterol, so get that checked. Eat good fats with omega 3s like flax seed and fish, and cut down on meats.

The backs of cheeks, near your ears

Luckily this part is rather hidden, but you should still pay attention. Acne here could be a sign of serious dehydration.




High cheeks, right below the eyes

This part of your skin will act up if you have respiratory issues. You could be taking in airborne allergens or smoking too much. You could also be consuming too much sugar or simply be overheated. Switch from candy to cucumbers for a cooling snack.

Chest acne

If you love to show your cleavage, chest acne is a huge bummer. This acne can be a sign of digestive issues, or drinking too many cold drinks.







The top of the cheeks

This is a sign of too much acidic food in your diet, or simply sleeping on dirty pillowcases. Eat alkalizing foods like green vegetables, wash your face thoroughly before bed and keep that bedding clean.



Sides of the chin

If you’re on a new birth control or stressed out, you might see acne here. Any time you go through hormonal changes, this part of your chin feels it. Do what you can by drinking lots of water, eating lots of vegetables and drinking less alcohol.



Middle of the chin

Are you experiencing indigestion like constipation or gas? The middle of your chin will act up when you’re not eating enough fiber, or foods with good bacteria for your stomach.





If your shoulders are breaking out, you might need to do some stress management. Acne here can mean you’ve been feeling very emotional lately.







Are you applying makeup to zits on your neck? You might just need lots of naps. Acne here is usually a sign that your body is fighting off illness.

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