Grab The Bleach: Toothbrushes, Coffee Mugs And More Very Common Places To Find Fecal Bacteria

July 3, 2015  |  
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The next time someone asks you why you bring disinfectant wipes everywhere, show them this list of frighteningly common places to find fecal bacteria.

Your Toothbrush

No matter where you keep your toothbrush in the bathroom, if it’s uncovered there’s poop particles on it. Almost wish they didn’t make that episode of Myth Busters.

Your Purse

Time to grab the disinfectant wipe. A purse on the floor doesn’t just mean money out the door. Scientists say it also means your bag is likely to pick up the kind of fecal bacteria that could make you sick.

The Welcome Mat

No one washes their welcome mat, but maybe they should. If anyone crosses the threshold after crossing dog presents on the street, they’re going to wipe them on the welcome mat.

Your Floor

And if they don’t take their shoes off before coming inside, those poop particles could end up on the floor.


The kids are bringing home a lot more than homework.

Your Phone

If you’re reading this on it right now, you might want to wipe your phone down before checking out these gross phone facts.

The Seats In The Airport Lounge

I might stand while I wait for my flight from now on…

Your Tray Table

A good reason to bring disinfectant wipes on a flight? Someone probably changed their baby’s diaper on your tray table before the stewardess placed your meal on it.

Your Washing Machine

Color safe bleach is about to become your best friend.

Rental Cars

Every road trip should come with a wipe down.

Public Benches

If you live in a major city, you’re better off standing when you’re waiting for public transportation.

Your Keyboard

Want to stay healthier during the year? Wash your hands before and after you use your keyboard.

Movie Theater Seats

Dropped a piece of candy on the seat? Might as well just roll it onto the floor.

Your Pants

OK, so the outside world is kind of a dirty place. But your home can stay relatively clean if you pop your outside clothes off before sitting down.

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