How Much Of Your Personal Business Is Good For Your Career?

July 1, 2015  |  

As much as celebrities fight for privacy and wag their fingers at the media for spilling their tea, sometimes they bring it on themselves. This doesn’t mean we should be insensitive to the fact they do have a personal life outside of entertaining us. But how can they expect the public to respond when they try to capitalize off their own drama?

While rumor control is understandable, how much of your “business” is good for your career?

It seems like the world is trying to piece together exactly what happened to make Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner call it quits. Married for 10 years and a day, the former Hollywood couple have announced they’re filing for divorce. As you would expect, media outlets are digging for as much dirt as possible. Did he cheat? Were his gambling habits to blame? ABC News just reported Affleck will remain on the property to be close to his children. Are all of these “juicy details” really necessary, or should they tell folks in their camp to zip their lips?

Personally, I can’t imagine trying to go through a divorce with my husband in the public eye. Not only are there cameras on you 24/7 but you also have to protect your children and how much exposure they have to what’s going on. With three children under the age of 10, Lord only knows how Ben and Jennifer are handling their changing family dynamic.

Thus far, I think they — and other celebrities who experienced similar life changes — have done a good job of working on personal issues while maintaining their “professional appearance.” Obviously your private life is more important than a career, but do you really want your dirt to spill into the media and affect your coins? Heaven forbid things turn left and you might never recover from the court of public opinion.

Then again, there are certainly celebrities who can’t seem to be quiet about what’s going on at home.

How many ex-boyfriends does Taylor Swift need to thank for helping her sell albums? Notorious for spilling the tea, Swift continues to capitalize on her own personal business. And honestly, who can blame her and other artists? It oftentimes is a very lucrative decision. Would any of us purchase an album that didn’t come from the heart, or at least touch on relatable situations? Nicki Minaj and her longtime love, Safaree Samuels had a nasty break up that resulted in diss tracks, trash talking on Twitter and what seems like a healthy dose of shade at the BET Awards. Sure it made for catchy tracks on “The Pinkprint,” but was all the extra necessary?

Gone are the days when people bow out of the spotlight to take care of their home life. With reality shows that air practically any and everything, many celebs are opting to put their dirty laundry front and center for profit. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal choice and conviction. Just realize that us regular folk will more than likely not have the same luck in the workplace. In fact, you might just get your walking papers should you allow your personal life to spill into your job.

Unfortunately, I’ve been witness to the demise of a relationship on social media where both parties used each other’s Facebook rants to try and get alimony and custody of their children.

What makes for good entertainment doesn’t always work in real life.

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