Time To Put In Vacation Days: How Travel Is Important To Your Career

July 3, 2015  |  

Have you begun planning for a vacation? You will take one, right? Hopefully the answer is yes. Too many hard-working people forfeit much needed time off work. Don’t spend the whole year slaving away and get nothing in return.

I think I do a pretty good job of traveling throughout the year. Sure it’s no trip to Tahiti but it does allow me to collect my thoughts and recharge my battery. I just wish I took more time to go abroad. There are times when I’m so envious of my friends (I know that’s bad) who pack up their bags at the drop of a hat and head somewhere fabulous. Sometimes it’s for work and sometimes it’s because they just want to get away. Now that I have a toddler and newborn, it’s not exactly a walk in the park to just head off into the sunset.

Aside from the personal reasons, traveling can be beneficial to your career. Believe it or not it can make you a more well-rounded professional and help put things in perspective. Here are some reasons why travel is so important to your career.

Exposes you to new customs and cultures. Even with many friends and relatives overseas, there’s nothing quite like experiencing a culture abroad. When you travel to different countries, you’re literally thrown into a foreign environment and forced to soak in their customs. Change can be a good thing as it makes you think about your own way of living and level of tolerance. This will come in handy around the workplace when you inevitably have to work with someone from a different background. It will also make things easier if you need to do business overseas. It’s always best to have a little knowledge when it comes to varying customs and practices.

Gives you inspiration. Sometimes you need to take time away from your everyday hustle in order to gain perspective. This is one of the reasons why taking a a few days is so important. Have an Eat, Pray, Love type experience by using your travels to rethink your priorities. Are you doing enough to see your own success? Is there a fear holding you back from trying? Take the time to search your heart and ambitions.

Allows you to make new connections. At the very least, you can say you expanded your professional network and met new people. Use your travel to find connections that can be beneficial to both your career and life in general. You never know who you’ll come across and how they’ll inspire you.

Enhances your resume. Believe it or not, your next vacation or business trip can enhance your skill set. Whether you plan to learn a new language or participate in a volunteer opportunity, always look for ways to add a little flavor to your resume in the experience department.

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If you aren’t able to travel on your own, inquire about opportunities at your job. Hopefully there are chances to do business abroad. Even if it’s here in the United States, enjoy the trip and be open to new experiences. Who knows, you might just meet the person who will help connect you to a new position or job.

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