Sleep & Other Things That Become “Bae” When You Get Older

June 29, 2015  |  
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When you are younger, you feel like you know exactly what you want, and you go for it.  However, when you get older you begin to seek out what you need.  Your priorities change and you’re expanding your idea of things that really make your soul sing.  You might have overlooked these charms in the past, but now they are near and dear to your heart.

Here’s a list of things that become transcendent as you get older.


I got a tingly feeling in my toes just mentioning sleep.

When you’re young, you fight sleep.  You would do anything to get just an extra 20/30/40 minutes before your bedtime to avoid going to sleep (even spending that time listening to an aunt’s boring stories.  Yeah, you weren’t that interesting, we just didn’t want to go to sleep!).

But honey, when you get older, and your head hits that pillow, and your body falls into that sweet comfortable position.  *sigh*  There’s rarely anything better.

Direct Deposit

No waiting by the mailbox or going to HR department to get your check.  You just check your account, and BOOM, it’s there.  Even though you know what day you’re getting paid, it’s still the most pleasant surprise each time you log-in to your banking website and see that account just overflowing with the cash that you earned.

And don’t let your job be one of those that put the money in at midnight.  Chile…

Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime/ HBONow

The list can go on.  I’m telling you, if I could personify any of these streaming sites, I would marry Netflix, and actively cheat on it with HBOGo, Hulu AND Amazon Prime!

Each streaming service offer things that a normal mate won’t.  They know what you want, and they have what you need to make your night perfect.

Added bae:  A friend who shares their passwords.

No Late Fees

I always thought that I would hate paying bills when I got older, but there’s just something almost pleasure inducing when I not only pay my bills on time, but I don’t have to deal with a late fee.

It’s like it’s a boost to my self-esteem, credit score, and other great things that rainbows are made out of.

It’s one of those very enviable relationships where you give, but you get something back.

No-Drama People

You know how when you were younger you would entertain that one friend who just seemed to constantly bring drama to your front step?  You didn’t know why you did it.  Maybe you felt sorry for them, or they gave you a sense of entertainment while watching their shenanigans, but you kept them around.

No more!  The best people in your life are the ones who you can have fun with, but without the drama.  Because seriously, who has time for that?  (You have to pay your bills on time!)

Stable Relationships

Speaking of no-drama people:

No more bad boys, no more drama queens, no people that sell you a bill of goods and look at you confused when you’re disappointed that they didn’t deliver.

There’s something just so comforting with reliability, maturity, and parallel goals.  *Deep exhale*

Great Conversation

I don’t know if the boom of technology is what is causing some people’s conversations so extremely lacking, or the fact that our culture is so narcissistic that it’s  making people so vapid, but finding someone who can actually hold a conversation is ah-mazing!

Whether they can talk about politics, reality television, movies, world events, the feeling of a great conversation can be the deciding factor from an associate to a great friend.

Extra plus if you get to a point where you don’t agree with each other, but you both allow the other person the extra space to explain their side without trying to force-feed your opinion down their throat.  YES!


An Amazing Couch

When my soon-to-be ex-husband and I first got married, we went furniture shopping, not thinking it would hard to find a couch.  But it was.

A couch is like the epicenter of entertainment, comfort, and reliability.  Besides your bed, you’re probably going to spend the most time in your dwelling on your couch.

We eventually got a couch donated to us.  The couch didn’t last, and neither did our marriage.  I’m not saying that the two are related, but…

A Night In

In high school, college, and the first half of my twenties I was the biggest social butterfly.  I loved going out, meeting new people and dancing the night away.  I never thought that I would ever feel differently.

But now, it is heaven for me to relax with a great book/movie while my daughter sleeps, and just enjoy… life.  Once you get over the fear of missing out, you realize that you were never really missing anything in the first place.


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