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In case you were wondering if CNN anchor Don Lemon had any credibility left, we can all answer with a resounding no.

Just last week, when that Black woman called him an Uncle Tom on live television, I was wondering if she’d taken it too far. But after seeing this week’s antics, I’m starting to think she needed to let him know.

These days, it seems that the network has realized that Lemon is a controversial figure, with his coverage and commentary often causing spirited debate and denouncement everywhere from social media platforms to the barbershop. But instead of attempting to make him more objective or more palatable to the CNN viewer, they’ve used his infamous personality to incite more ire, particularly amongst the Black community.

Yesterday, Lemon was discussing the Confederate Flag continuing to wave in South Carolina and President Obama’s use of the word nigger.

Two separate topics that both just so happen to be hinged on the larger and more complex issue of racism.  Instead of speaking about the topics separately, as they deserved, Lemon combined the two asking the audience first if the Confederate Flag offended them. Then, shortly afterward he held up a sign with the word “Nigger” unblurred in white letters over a black background and asked if the audience was offended by this word.

You can watch it in the video below.

Don, what the hell?!

First, it’s a shame that people are getting so caught up on President’s Obama’s use of the word that they’ve completely failed to grasp the point he was attempting to make. That the country needs to have a serious and in depth discussion about racism not just the word. And, in doing the complete opposite of what he just said CNN had yet another tired discussion about whether the word was offensive or not and how shocked and appalled we all were to hear President Obama use it.

As someone pointed out, poignantly, President Obama is not the first president to use the N word. He’s the first to use it publicly, which in and of itself speaks to the steeped and storied history of racism, even in the highest office in America.

When Lemon stood there holding that sign and that flag, looking ridiculous, it was clear that all of it was to get people talking. And that’s exactly what it did. Check out the ways in which people dragged both Lemon and CNN for their poor decision.

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