“He Smelled Like Baby Powder:” Ridiculous Reasons Women Turn Down Men

June 24, 2015  |  
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Let’s face it: for many people looking for Mr. Right is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But some women make it even harder to find a mate because they turn possible suitors down for ridiculous reasons. Here are some of the more head-scratching comments women have made on blogs, websites (like ours), and social media about why they rejected men.

15. His Hands Are Soft Like A Woman’s

“I don’t want a man with soft hands; he hasn’t been doing no work.”

So you’re going to pass up that lawyer? And the real estate agent?

14. Bad Shoes Means Bad Breath

“My sister won’t date a guy if he has on dirty/messed up kicks because she believes that if he has on bad shoes, then his breath probably stinks.”

Not having money for shoes doesn’t mean you don’t have $6 for a toothbrush.

13. He Thought “Dark Knight” Was Complicated

“He didn’t understand the ending to Dark Knight Rises. I can’t handle stupid.”

Is it that deep?

12. The Same Name

“I’m pretty sure that if I meet another guy with the same name as two of my exes, I’ll leave just due to the negative connotations.”

If we’re talking general names like Mike and Jason, this might be a little limiting. But you let three DaQuan’s do you wrong? Yeah it might be time to boycott.

11. The Commute Was A Deal-Breaker

“The subway commute between our apartments meant I had to change trains from the N/Q to the A/C/E.”

Think about how difficult it might be to change your own diaper at 87.

10. He’s No Vin Diesel

“I’ve rejected a few guys because they couldn’t drive a manual and had no desire to learn.”


9. His Tattoo Is His Own Name

“He has his own name tattooed across his chest.”

Better than his ex’s name, right?

8. He’s Into Adam Sandler Movies

“He quoted me a romantic line from an Adam Sandler movie.”

Was it at least a good Adam Sandler movie?

7. Short Haircuts And Lazy Spelling

“Lack of long metal hair. I know it’s dumb, but I just find long hair so incredibly hot. If my guy doesn’t have it, I think my eyes would wander too much and I’m not the kind of person to feel okay with that. I also auto-reject any guy who spells words like ‘you’ and ‘are’ as ‘u’ and ‘r’ when he types.”

We’re with this girl on the spelling, but the hair thing? Not so much.

6. He’s Not A Card-Carrying Member Of The Beehive

“He didn’t like Beyoncé. That’s pretty much a deal-breaker for me as it is, but the fact that he couldn’t give me any reason WHY he hated her just seemed…suspicious. Like you don’t need to love her, but how can you literally hate someone you’ve never met without giving one reason as to why not?”

Probably the same way you love someone you never met.

5. He’s Her Father Reincarnated

“He was pretty cute! We had fun on our date! When I hugged him goodbye, it was like hugging my dad. He was built EXACTLY like my dad and was wearing the same style of suit my dad wears. I couldn’t do it.”

Is your dad a good man, or nah?

4. He’s Not A Michael Jackson Fan

“He had never even heard of ‘Thriller.’ ‘THRILLER.’ How do you not even know what it is?”

This actually might be a legit reason because what planet could this man have come from to not know
Michael’s greatest work?

3. He’s Afraid Of Bugs

“He was afraid of roaches. I am afraid of roaches. I need a man who will rescue me, not put cups over them like me.”

What if he calls the exterminator, though? And pays for it?

2. Poor Sense Of Fashion

“He wore jeans with a jean jacket, and no this wasn’t in 1985.”

Clothes are probably the easiest — and only thing — a woman can change about a man.


1. He Smells Like A Baby

“He smelled like baby powder, I went on a couple dates with him but stopped and really the reason was the not bad but just off smell of baby powder on a big dude.”

Can the man be fresh?!

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