One Drunken Mistake: What Does And Doesn’t Count As Cheating?

June 18, 2015  |  
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Are you and your significant other on the same page when it comes to what constitutes cheating? Many couples think they’re in agreement about what’s out of bounds, but they may be confused. So, what does and doesn’t count as cheating?

Getting Carried Away At The Club

Does a drunken slip-up point to a bigger problem? Or should you just label it “inappropriate” and let it go?


Is it ever okay to “just” flirt? It depends on who you ask.

Mixing And Mingling When You’re On A Break

People have been debating this one since Friends. Is a break for working things out? Or is it for stepping out without consequences?

What If You Haven’t Slept Together…

But you have had late night convos and long text messaging sessions?

If It’s Another Girl

My guy friends brought this one up. If a woman makes out with another man, it’s cheating. Kiss another girl? It’s a gray area. Do you agree?

If It Was Just Sex

Some folks say it’s not an affair unless you have sex. But others say if it was just sex, it’s not technically an affair. Where do you stand?

Reaching Out To An Ex

When it comes to exes, Facebook is the devil. If you’re in a relationship but friend and message an ex, is it cool? Or is it playing with fire?

Having A Work Spouse

Is keeping flirting behind the office walls OK?


Couples disagree on this one all of the time. Is it cheating or recreation? Is it inappropriate? How much adult film consumption is too much? Depends on who you ask.

Going To The Strip Club

Does it matter whether or not he received a private dance? What if it’s his bachelor party?

A BFF Of The Opposite Sex

Can men and women really just be friends?

Having A Tinder Account

Is it OK to just look to see what (and who) is out there? Or is this a red flag?

He Said, She Said

If you hear about him cheating — more than once — do you let it go? Or do you assume that where there’s smoke there’s fire?


Can something that you thought was innocent turn into something unforgivable if you find out he lied about it?

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