15 Foods That Will Get You In The Mood

June 18, 2015  |  
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It’s summertime. The weather is good, and everyone is showing more skin and getting booed up. Whether you’re at home making dinner or going out for a bite to eat, you should try these 15 foods that will get you in the mood and make this summer even hotter.


While bananas have always resembled something naughty to people, it turns out that a banana can help you climax better. The vitamin B and potassium in bananas help build muscle strength, which can intensify orgasms.

Hot Chili Peppers

Red hot chili peppers are not just a good rock band; they are also edible aphrodisiacs. Capsaicin, the chemical in peppers, helps blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings. Therefore, every touch is even better than the last.


We all thought Beyoncé was crazy when she shouted out the delicious fruit in her hit single “Drunk in Love,” but it turns out that Queen Bey was onto something. Watermelons contains phytonutrient citrulline which boosts your nitric oxide, helping you get aroused quicker.


Oysters are the most popular food that will get you going. The zinc inside these delicious little gifts from the sea will boost testosterone, which gets that sex drive on fleek.


Adam and Eve wore fig leaves as clothing, which began the long-standing sexual symbolism of this erotically shaped fruit. The figs are one of the elite visual aphrodisiacs. They represent increased fertility and sexuality and an open fig closely resembles female genitalia.


No one puts asparagus and sex in the same sentence. But it turns out everyone has been sleeping on the pungent vegetable. The A, B6, and C vitamins along with folic acid and thiamin boost histamine, which helps both sexes achieve climax.


Besides being delicious, the avocado is one of nature’s best offerings when it comes to getting you in the mood. The vitamin E in avocados help with vaginal lubrication and stimulate the clitoral region.


Honey is not just for bees, biscuits, and Cheerios. It helps metabolize estrogen and contains vitamin B, which creates testosterone that promotes sex drives and orgasms for both men and woman.


Pomegranates are filled to the brim with antioxidants, which help your blood pump easier, increasing sensitivity down below.


The omega-3 fatty acids in this fish help produce much-needed sex hormones.




This thistle with soft insides might not look sexy, but it will definitely set the mood. The antioxidants in artichokes significantly enhance sex drive.


Despite the obvious issue of smelliness, the allicin in garlic increases blood flow, which helps with arousal. Just make sure you have some gum handy.


The sweet fruit has long been rumored to help things taste better down there, but it is a scientific fact that the vitamin C in pineapple can help with impotence.


The best part of waking up can also help your stamina. The caffeine in coffee boosts alkaline and increases blood flow, which greatly helps sexual stamina.


A delicious afternoon snack, almonds can also help out in the bedroom. The vitamin rich food promotes sexual stimulation in ladies.

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