Serious Question: Why Do Black Guests Go On Fox News?

June 12, 2015  |  

Recently, two Mckinney, Texas residents, including a young witness to Officer Casebolt’s assault on 15-year-old Dajerria Becton, went on Hannity. The two went on the Fox News Channel show to defend themselves against Sean Hannity’s charges that the Black pool party kids had it coming.

According to Mediate:

“Sean Hannity explained Tuesday night to a McKinney witness that Officer Eric Casebolt, who has since resigned, pulled his firearm after being provoked.

“If you’re asking for somebody’s career to be over, I think it’s important we see the facts here,” Hannity said. “If you look at the video, what happens is he’s trying to do his job and two people come and they are provoking the officer. That’s obviously on the tape.”

The godfather’s witness asked what difference it made whether or not the cop pulled his gun on the female or the two male teenagers since both were unarmed. When Hannity asked how the officer was supposed to know that they were unarmed, the teenage witness said, “We were at a pool party.” She then pointed out that the officer’s instructions were contradictory, at times telling the kids to leave, other times, not to move.

If you haven’t seen it, you can watch the full segment here. Take note of how he compares the Black pool party kids to the terrorist group ISIS. I can tell you that just about everyone in my social media network is loving this video, particularly how the godfather of the witness refuses to bow to Hannity’s spin job. But in all honesty, I just can’t with this segment. Sorry to have to be that person, but I just don’t get why Black people keep going on there. And by “there,” I mean Hannity, O’Reilly Factor or any other faux news show on the entire got-damn Fox News channel.

Every single day of my life I see a post on social media about something Hannity said. Or O’Reilly. Or what one of the blond Stepford fembot wives said. And most times I think, who the hell cares? Fox News lies. Fox News has always lied. And they lie the most about Black people. Yet, so-called normal and progressive folks tune in just about every day to watch these racist lies, although we already know that they are coming from racist liars. Seriously, why?

Do we expect that one day they will suddenly become enlightened to the harm committed by their hateful and racist propaganda and apologize to Black people? If so, that is some pretty strong faith in humanity. Or better yet, delusion. After all, this is the same station that tried to facilitate the destruction of Shirley Sherrod’s career by airing erroneous and deeply flawed reports of alleged racist comments she did not make. This is the same station that used a lone member of the New Black Panther Party to spur fears about so-called mass voter intimidation of White people. This is the station that employs Bill O’Reilly, who once said Dr. Marc Lamont Hill looked like a cocaine dealer. This is the same station that also employs Megyn Kelly, who felt it necessary to declare on her program that “Santa just is white.”

As astutely noted by columnist Frank Rich a few years ago in a piece in New York Magazine about Kelly’s comments and the sheer insanity of caring about what anyone on Fox News has to say in general:

When this supposed “national firestorm” (as Al Sharpton inflated it on his MSNBC show) finally died down, only two things had been accomplished beyond the waste of everyone’s time. Liberals had played right into Fox’s stereotype of them—as killjoy p.c. police. And Fox News could once again brag about its power to set an agenda for its adversaries even as it also played the woebegone ­victim. “Because they can’t defeat us on the media battlefield, the far left seeks to demonize Fox News as a right-wing propaganda machine and a racist enterprise,” said O’Reilly when sermonizing about the episode on his show. “That’s why Miss Megyn got headlines about a Santa Claus remark that was totally harmless.” Fox News is a right-wing propaganda machine and at times (if not this one) a racist enterprise (witness, among other examples, its fruitless effort to drum up a “New Black Panther Party” scandal over some 95 segments in the summer of 2010). But O’Reilly was half-right. Kelly’s inane remark was harmless and unworthy of headlines. Without the left’s overreaction, there wouldn’t have been any pseudo “national firestorm.”

I don’t think her comments were harmless. I think her comments were ridiculous and inflammatory. However, I agree that her comments and most things said on Fox News don’t warrant our attention. Nor does the channel deserve out patronage. And yet, we still not only get mad at all the dumb, outrageous things they say, but we go on there as guests and allow ourselves to be pawns for a network whose only aim is to fan the flames of racial tension in America.

We have to ask ourselves, what is there really to gain from debating the likes of Hannity and O’Reilly? Do we honestly think we’re changing hearts and minds? Nope. The audience is full of proud White-leaning conservatives, and only one percent of the Fox News viewership is Black. And that Negro is crazy. Do we think that we’re going to win an argument? Nope to that too. Debating on Fox News is like trying to win one of those big stuffed animals at the carnival by tossing the ring around a bottle. It’s a rigged game.

The debate could be about the weather in New York, and you could make the best argument in the world like. “Well, Hannity, the weatherman said it was going to be 80 degrees and sunny today. And as you can see from looking out this window here, the sun is shining and it is pretty warm. So therefore, I win this debate.” And Hannity would say, “Well, actually the weatherman kind of looks like Barack Hussein Obama, and since Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate, this weatherman is probably illegal…”

In other words it doesn’t matter how good and rational an argument one presents to counter the nonsense on Fox News, they are going to spin it anyway.

Honestly, It just seems deathly insecure that we feel that we have to go on a station and offer up even a smidgen of defense of ourselves to a group of folks who get off, and get ratings, antagonizing us into a reaction. So let’s stop validating their importance. I feel like it is really that easy.

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