Gabrielle Union Dishes On Dwyane, Beauty Secrets And The Key To Success In Her Most Personal Interview Yet

June 12, 2015  |  
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Yesterday, Gabrielle Union stopped by Reddit to answer “absolutely anything” from her fans. And Gabby definitely delivered. She dished on everything, from how she and Dwyane Wade make it work to her hopes for a role on Empire. Check it out!

The Best Moment Of Her Life?

“August 30th, 2014, getting married.”

How She Keeps Her Skin So Beautiful

“Water. I drink a gallon of water a day. You pee a lot. But the other side effect is healthy skin, nails and hair.”

Her Most Embarrassing Moment?

“I choked during a soccer shoot-out. I missed the whole goal in a big soccer tournament, a championship.

I was the 11th shooter, the goalie shot before me, and I just psyched myself out, and not only did I miss, I missed the entire goal, because I shanked it so far right.

We lost, I turned to my dad, and he was making the ‘choke’ sign.”

Ice cold, Gabby’s dad. Ice cold.

Her Favorite Memory From Filming Bad Boys II?

“Best memory…hanging out in Puerto Rico when we were shooting the big finale action sequence. Will would do this thing where he would have a spray bottle and then pretend to sneeze on your neck.

It worked every time. Because it was so gross, the thought of someone sneezing on you!”

How Do Gabby And Dwyane Manage Two Careers And Time For One Another?

“A lot of flying! And a lot of sacrifice.”

But Which One Of Them Would Win In A Game Of One-On-One Basketball?

“In basketball? Dwyane.
In fake-acting basketball? Me.”

Where She And Dwyane Wade Met

“We met at a Superbowl party!”

Her First Role

“I got my start on Saved By The Bell: The New Class. And I was Mistletoe Girl Number 2. That was literally my first job. And I also did a 1-800-DENTIST commercial. And that’s how I got my SAG card.”

What Inspired Her To Become An Actress

“I was working at the bookstore, making $6.16 an hour, and that’s after 3 raises and glowing evaluations, and I started an internship at a modeling agency, and I booked my first modeling gig pretty fast, and they paid me $125 for the day. And I thought I think there’s something to this whole entertainment business.”

What Would She Be If She Weren’t An Actress?

“I used to want to be a lawyer. But after playing lawyers on television, and employing a number of them…I would probably be a social worker. Or a veterinarian.”

Does She Still Speak To Any Of The Actors From Bring It On?

“I do! I see Eliza a lot, and Nicole Bilderback, Bianca Kajlich, and I talk to Brandi and Shamari from Blaque.”

Will She Guest Star On Empire?

“I would guest star in a hot second if they would have me! I’ve actually lobbied Lee Daniels for a role.  And Empire stars so many people that I’m friends with, and I love that they’re employed, and that the show is using people who are under-employed and under-utilized, and certainly under appreciated.”

Her Favorite Role?

“Probably being Mary Jane in Being Mary Jane. Because I’ve had the chance to fail and get it right with her over 3 seasons and a pilot. Usually with a movie you’ve got one shot at it, pretty much. But with a TV show that we just finished season 3 for, I’ve had a chance to learn and grow with the character. So that!”

Advice For “A Black Woman In A Male-Dominated Industry?”

“Tenacity and adopting the mantra of being allergic to no will be key for you. Because you’re going to hear 1,000 ‘no’s’ but there is a yes out there.
So when you get there, kick the door down, but hold it open for the next guy.

I’ve been fortunate that there’s enough open-minded people that actually believe in diversity, and those people have supported my career and provided jobs. And now that I’m an executive producer with my own production company, I try to provide opportunities for other marginalized people.”

On What She’s Learned As A Stepmom

“I’ve learned to be consistent, I’ve learned to be patient, and I’ve learned that you can never replace anyone’s parents, so don’t try – just try to be a reasonable, helpful adult person in their life that supports them.”

Is Idris Elba Is Even Better In Real Life?

“Even better. And that accent…but he’s like, a man’s man without being chauvinist. He’s effortlessly bad a–. And funny.”


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