15 Hidden Risks Of Plastic Surgery

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When you really, really want something, it’s tempting to overlook the risks. You do it with your dating life (you know a guy isn’t good for you, but he is so hot), you do it with your jobs (you know your boss is a nut, but the pay is satisfying) and you might even do it with something as life changing as plastic surgery. But you can’t overlook the risks of this ever-growing trend. If you are considering altering something about yourself, here are 15 hidden risks of plastic surgery you need to know beforehand.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

According to Forbes, sometimes fixing one thing with plastic surgery can only lead one down a rabbit hole of wanting to change more and more things. This could be a case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Unfortunately, some surgeons seek out those with BDD knowing they’ll come back for several procedures because they’re not happy with themselves.

Vocal changes

If you’re considering rhinoplasty (a nose job) but you use your voice for your profession (maybe you’re a singer or public speaker), you should know that the procedure can change your voice.

Fat can redistribute

If you have fat removed from your stomach or thighs, it can show up in other areas later, including your back or arms, according to the Daily Mail. Apparently, many patients who undergo liposuction have the same amount of fat about a year after the procedure, but it shows up in different places.

Liposuction destroys cells

The Daily Mail reported that liposuction could destroy “the structure under the skin.” But the fat cells that were there want to grow back, so they will regenerate elsewhere.




Sensitivity to light from Botox

WebMD lists sensitivity to light as an “infrequent” side effect of receiving Botox, but not a rare one. But the site also lists “infrequent blinking of the eyes” as a rare but severe side effect of Botox, which, combined with light sensitivity, could be very painful.

Prolonged pain after Botox

One woman who detailed her experience with Botox on Real Self said it took her almost five months to feel normal again after receiving treatment, including finally finding relief from severe headaches.



One area fixed; another ruined

The same Real Self article warned that when Botox fixes one area it can also do strange things to another. The author noted that her Botox got rid of her crow’s-feet, but it left her with strange “bags and wrinkles” under her eyes.




Several issues can cause depression post-operation. If the patient is not happy with the results, if healing takes too long and keeps the person from the activities they love, or if they have a history of depression, they may struggle with the illness. Getting plastic surgery can have an adverse impact on a person emotionally.

Permanent blindness after Botox

Substances often used to get rid of lines between the eyebrows can cause instant and permanent blindness. According to reports, the most “experienced” of plastic surgeons can have this happen to a patient.

Blood clots in the lungs after a tummy tuck

One patient who underwent a tummy tuck and wrote about it ended up in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs after surgery.




Blood clots in the legs after a tummy tuck

According to reports, a tummy tuck can also result in blood clots in the deep veins of your legs.





Unexpected follow-up surgeries

Forbes warns that many plastic surgery patients only plan for the costs of the initial procedure but aren’t ready for the follow-up procedures that may be necessary. That forces many to take out loans to pay for these surgeries.







Constant nosebleeds after rhinoplasty

Real Self warns that rhinoplasty can lead to lifelong nosebleeds if the nose does not heal properly.



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