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Disclaimer: Under normal circumstances, I would in all likelihood write the following under an alias because we all know Beyhive fans are on some other stuff. But given the reaction I’ve seen to Beyoncé’s vegan diet announcement earlier this week, even from fans, I know I haven’t overstepped my boundaries.  So, carry on, I shall.

Beyoncé made an announcement via social media last week, alerting fans to some big news she just had to share that she would divulge on television.  The Internet was all aflutter with the possibilities.  Could the news be a new album or collaboration with husband Jay Z?  A world tour?  A baby sister or brother to join her cutie patootie daughter Blue Ivy?

On Monday, all questions were answered. The “Flawless” singer revealed on Good Morning America the details of her vegan diet and meal delivery partnership with 22 Days Nutrition. Bey and Jay both took the 22-day vegan challenge back in 2013, and the self-proclaimed foodie had already given her public her seal of approval.  Talk about déjà vu.  Wherein lied the news?

If you don’t know all the details, Marco Borges is the mastermind behind the 22-Day Revolution.  He’s an exercise physiologist – yes, you read that right – who also happens to be Beyoncé’s trainer.  In creating the healthy plan, Borges was inspired by the fact that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  The revolution takes you one day past the habit-forming mark in the hopes of turning you into a full-fledged vegan. Or to at least make you healthier, whatever. The 22-Day meals are 100 percent organic, plant-based, free of gluten, soy, and dairy and are composed of zero GMO ingredients.  The amount of meals you receive on the plan can be tailored to your liking, but if you choose the option that provides you with three meals a day for the full 22 days, it will set you back about $610.  Pretty sure the average American doesn’t have that kind of money to spend on food for 22 days, but no biggie…

Back to the GMA interview.  In it, Beyoncé spoke of her love of food and her struggle over the years with diets.  She said going the vegan route helped her shed some pounds, gave her more energy and even made her skin feel tighter.  That’s great and all, truly, but struggling with diets is a lot different than struggling with your weight.  By all indications, Beyoncé has never dealt with the latter.  She has been in the public eye since she was a wee lass and has never been overweight (aside from the weight she gained when pregnant with Blue Ivy, and some conspiracy theorists still don’t believe she carried a baby for nine months).  But Beyoncé says she lost weight and kept it off thanks to the 22-Day Revolution.  Serious question though: What weight did she have to lose?  Perhaps the singer’s decision speaks to the pressures of her demanding career and her penchant for chasing and staying in the spotlight.  More importantly, how many of her fans are really here for this vegan diet, a lifestyle still construed as extreme by most?

Let’s get something straight here. Beyoncé is one of the top entertainers in the world.  No matter what you think of her, her dedication to her craft is obvious and maintaining that kind of power and influence requires a strict regimen, the likes of which most of us won’t fully comprehend.  For one, she has a trainer (and a glam squad, hello) who is probably at her beck and call.  Most people’s version of a trainer comes in the form of a membership to 24 Hour Fitness. Or better yet, they go the free-99 route and stick to videos on YouTube.  Not to mention, the amount of work King Bey puts into her choreography alone keeps her all kinds of fit.  She probably burns more calories in her sleep than most of us do trekking up a flight of steps. Repeatedly.  In 90-degree weather.  Wearing heavy layers.

So while the benefits of going vegan may be significant, I would hope that most of us realize Beyoncé does a lot more than eat plants to be able to say, “I woke up like this.” If anything, Beyoncé is shedding light on healthy living, which no one can be mad at. Kudos to her for that. But something tells me that most of her ride-or-die fans, though they love and support her beyond measure, aren’t about to drastically change their eating habits just because she said it was cool.

If so, that would be a first.

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